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Dust Devil Rage's youtube videos


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Hello Dusty,

I just wanted to actually acknowledge, to you, that I did actually check out your youtube videos that you had directed my attention to the other week in the game server chat.  I am noticing that you are gaining some video tricks with each video release and am pretty impressed with your latest video of your trip to Toronto, Canada.  I've been there many times and I remember during my first trip as a kid, my dad took me to that exact same Molson brewery. The Skyline tower - I was SO disappointed when I last went there about 5 years ago because I had remembered, when I was little, the basement of that tower had the most awesome game arcade and I would just tell my parents to give me $20 and leave me there.  But now that basement is a souvenir shop.  I know game arcades are not so plentiful now (exception Dave n Busters)  but I was still hoping they had something going there.


5 things made me smile while watching some of your videos (wanting to view the one you took in Madrid soon)

- You got some gahones releasing your gaming poetry (per that one poetry video), I've actually not seen anyone do that before - at least not specific to COD.  Good job man!

- You seem to get around the world quite a bit.  Are you doing these trips for work then perhaps going on tours during your 'free time' at each location?

*I used to travel alot for a previous company I had worked for - went to numerous places in USA (multiple other states), Asia and EU.  So many good memories from that time (like between 2009-2011) and I sometimes wish my current job would send me out more.  No kids, love to and will travel - haha

- You don't rush your touring, very different (but nice) pace from your constant rushing pace in COD.

- The background music in many of your videos sound like action movie music.  Quite a contrast to the relaxing pace of the visuals in the videos LOL

- You show yourself in some shots, always with the shades on.  But I especially like how you do the 'near the end' of each video where you show yourself, wearing the shades again, looking like a bad ass. :classic_laugh:


Anyone else want to see Rage's videos? Here's the shameless plug (URL) to his youtube channel.



Overall, good show DDR!


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Sorry, I just noticed this, I was just checking out the forums. Thank you for the shout out.

Toronto is an excellent city and it was my first time visiting. I enjoyed the trip very much.  Mad respect to my neighbors to the North, Canada. I did not get a chance to tour the Molson Brewery, I was already a bit inebriated. I would have liked to go to the top of the tower but I didn't make it there either.  I too loved arcades as a kid. I think we all probably did.  Always trying to get my initials in the game Pole Position after "Game Over". 

I do travel for work and have some time to get out and about while doing it. I always have shades, travel with a back-up pair packed. I get around quite a bit, enjoy the travel most of the time, sometimes it sucks, depending on the location and a few other details. 

The poem was written and the video was made years back, maybe two, three years or so before Covid.  It had been sitting around on my computer all that time, I guess the posting date can be seen.  It's changed little, but I've change a line or stanza once or twice back in the day. The entire poem was once posted in my profile of my previous clan.  

My other poem, Pale Horse Six, essentially is made from the COD poem. Many of the same ideas and stanzas, for a different subject matter.  

As for gahones, everything in the poem is true. 

I'm glad you are enjoying the videos, Madrid video gets bloody, fair warning.  All you tubers tell viewers to "Like, Comment and Subscribe".  Well, I'm never going to make any money on that platform.  So if you watch them, you don't need to like, nor subscribe, nor comment, but if you comment, I'll most likely comment back. The videos are a way of cleaning stuff off my phones and hard drive, make someone else store it while I can simultaneously watch it on demand, and anyone else can too.  And if they get any enjoyment out of watching your ole' pal Dusty's shenanigans, then good deal. 

On a side note, greetings to all others and know that I know I've been a pain in the rear at times and as of late.  I've probably said things that would make you scratch my name off your Christmas card list. This is no excuse but most of the time, if I am playing for more than an hour, that means I am off the clock, either in a hotel, or at home and I most likely have a very good buzz going while working to continue it with a fresh frosty beverage. But Gaming Under the Influence is not recommended as I'm sure most here know.

My apologies to all, and know I'm working to fix it.

I delayed registering here because I've done the clan thing previously, worked hard during that time, paid monthly dues, uploaded hundreds of demos for senior staff, and one day finally learned just how much I was appreciated, which was very little to not at all, so that was that.

I registered here with the intent of reporting hackers, in an effort to help keep the place clean.  I can help anyone who would like to learn how to properly do the demo / report thing.

I hope I am not wasting my time uploading them. 





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Hey Dusty!


Glad that you are involved on the game server and here, and especially for recording the demos of suspect hackers.  Lunar, Gryphus, Cow, and others most likely have a lot of other things going on but I know they do eventually get to reviewing the reportings and attached demos.  Know that not enough players do that and the admins do appreciate the participation.  


"The videos are a way of cleaning stuff off my phones and hard drive, make someone else store it while I can simultaneously watch it on demand, and anyone else can too."

^I really like your justification there.  I've never thought of using youtube that way -but it makes perfect sense to me (the free cloud storage) :classic_laugh:

I really liked Toronto as well.  I remember going to various pubs in Niagra Falls (Ontario side) and Toronto and being blown away by how nice the Canadian locals were.  I remember being surprised by the social scene in these places "You mean, people actually walk up to strangers and just start talking to them?" Your work arrangement sounds pretty cool.  I am hoping to be able to travel to the UK late this year or early next year for work.  If I go, I might also shoot some pictures and videos as well.


Bloody Madrid video.  I'm guessing that involves the bullfighting (will see soon).  If it is, I did see a couple bullfights down in Tijuana, Mexico during the early 1990s, I think right about after I had moved to California from the Eastern US so it was a huge cultural change in both Southern California (like far out man!) and Mexico itself.  I did not like the bullfights and recalled the bloody part about it near the end of each fight, involving the two swords.  Just not for me, even if they prepared the bull meat afterwards for consumption,  I guess I thought it was just cruel.  I do miss these however (and you would like them I believe!):



From my standpoint, you've been just fine on the game servers except.... get away from my butt!  OK, you tend to never stop moving (which nerdjitsu, collang and a couple others run-n-gun as well) and you are right there with Collang with the constant flanking moves.  But that also keeps the fun factor in there. 


See you in there,


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Margarita's....I've had one or two, but probably not more than that.  Just never really got into them.  I'm a beer, whiskey, Vodka Tonic type person.  

I've done Niagara from the NY side.  NY side is damn poor.  A lot of slums and projects. I drove across the bridge / border when I went.  You probably popped into Niagara Brewing Company just up the hill from the falls.  I have a had a few beers in there. 

The bull fight you saw in Mexico and the one I saw in Madrid are probably much the same thing.  I saw six bulls I believe it was, meet their end that night.  I was there for almost three hours.  We had been hanging out in a place called San Miguel Market, an indoor market just off of Plaza Mayor in downtown Madrid.  After 3 or 4 beers, one of the guys I was with held up his phone and said, "There is a Bull Fight tonight, and it's on Stub Hub!" 

We all looked at each other for about 5 seconds and I broke the silence with, "Well then were F'n Going." A few clicks later and one more beer and we were in an Uber to Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas. 

They bleed those bulls down over time and wear them slap out.  In the video watch the underside of the bull's belly just heaving up and down, trying to get oxygen to its cells with limited blood cells to carry it.  The Matadors can tell about what stage of dying those bulls are in by the bull's energy level.  Near the bull's end in the video you can see the Matadors all up close to the Bull with little to no fear of it.  They know when it's time to end it.  Anyway the place has concessions like an NFL game.  Beer and liquor and stuff.  The inside of the arena reminded me of going to any pro sports game in the US, although their arena appears to be damn old.  While we were there, although I didn't get it on video, we saw a Matador get absolutely rocked by the second or third bull.  He got tossed into the air and gored while in the fetal position on the ground.  About 20 people jumped the wall to distract the bull while 4 or 5 guys grabbed the downed Matador and carried him over the wall, and then out of the arena.  

Anyway, was gory, a bit cruel yes, but that's their tradition and it was a good night.  Good Times.




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