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Congrats your recording, I was able to play back these.  I am not an admin so the admins would have to review and corelate the time/date and look at their server logs to determine if, for example, the frequent 'victim' of this player, 'SO_LONELY' had uav jammer, dead silence, etc on.  But for what I saw , I'd say inconclusive save maybe a few shots made.  A lot of players are 'sound whoring' as well, in addition to UAV and just knowing where the spawns are popping up from.  I cannot 'sound whore' and lack a great audio setup to pull that off but some players have outstanding audio setups such that a player with dead silence perk on will def. still be easily heard with a good 'sound whoring' setup.  This player didn't seem that good, and had a small left/right mouse turning radius with each movement.  He or she DID seem to know where SO_LONELY was coming from but this one will be a doubtful one unless the admins can corelate something there.  Not as obvious as some of demos I and other players have posted before.  I tend to only go for the super obvious ones and even if I was an admin in 2022 and beyond, you have to remember - this is basically a 'dead game' to the rest of the world and we're lucky to even have players to play with lately.  So EACH reporting is going to be carefully reviewed when the admins can afford the time but my gut feeling on this one, not quite enough 'obviousness' stuff here.


But I am really stoked that you took the time to learn how to record demos and made the effort.  I hope you can continue to do that and believe me, it's always nice to later see that one's diligence resulted in a ban of a no good cheater which helps the overall majority of the long time players that have never cheated and helps to keep those players playing on our server.


When I am 'testing' a suspect player, I tend to throw on my full stealth kit - silenced weapon that REALLY sounds quiet when shooting (like G3 silenced is SUPER quiet when firing), UAV jammer (a must), and dead silence.  Even with dead silence, I'll still try to crouch/walk which adds even more 'quietness' there when moving at the cost of speed of course.  With that setup, I begin my recording and setup in the most odd-ball places.  With that in play, I've recorded and managed to get bans when I sometimes record things from my perspective.  When recording from spectator mode, I tend to chat about other topics and in the past I would re-log with an alternative/oddball nickname in play.  The alt name trick used to work as the theory is if the suspect doesn't see an NJ name/tag on - he or she might 'go for it'.   UNTIL SOME ADMIN recently turned on a script that announces each player that I've fought with as a 'Nemesis'.  Turns out this Nemesis script also highlights my alt names so I stopped doing it.  (Thanks Gryphus?) :classic_laugh:



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Thanks for writing back. And yeah maybe i could have recorded longer but honestly didn't have the time/effort to do that. I logged on and played him 1v1 shipment and he knew exactly where i was, UAV jammer and not moving/shooting, yeah shipment is easy to predict spawn but i moved after spawn and he does not test any wallbang spots. 

On the 'testing' sus player, agreed, i do that normally too, will try to record my own perspective. 

On JOPorez(2).dm1 it might look more sus. A lot of staring at walls, and besides all that at the very least I don't think MP5s shoot that straight, you can do some MP5 silencer tests on your own, I guarantee you can't control recoil like that lol. But I get the hesitancy to ban players and he isn't active on the server, only seen him this one time

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