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Hey everyone:

It seems to me that there has been an increased level of WH use in the server, and, at the same time, a decreased level of moderation from NJ. I don't know why this is, but it's becoming less fun to play on NJ. It also seems like i'm not the only one thinking this too: less people play on the server.

I don't know how to fix it. Just wanted to get NJ's thoughts about it.

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Feel free to add me on Steam and I will be able to hop in and get rid of them.

I'm usually online between 5PM - 11PM Central Standard Time. I'm usually working or doing something else, but I can always hop in and spec someone. This has worked out pretty well for the regulars who already have my Steam information.

PM me and I'll send you my link.




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I used to be an Admin for RE and we had the same issues there. I was hired to be the mean ole Scarecrow and find em. I would sniff em out and warn/ban etc as need be.
I did my job and banned the hackers/cheaters etc.. Then a higher up went after me, demoted my admin status for one wrong ban, which I still think he was wall hacking but had a friend in admin somewhere.. ah well.
Then we had a nice full server and then magically our servers went down..
then our clan fell apart.. etc etc.

Let me know if you all want some help. I'd be willing to be an admin for your Net Jam CoD4 server.
You guys are running things good here.
Just recommend removing a couple of smaller maps: bloc/bog/etc.
add a few player slots: 5-10
add about 3 more admin slots.
just some thoughts eh..

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Are you seriously still butthurt at D, Scarecrow?

Lead Anchor and primary Reporter of the Net-Jam News Network, reporting what's important, not necessarily true!

Send unto me the finest burnt cheeses, and I shall bless your nachos, your quesadillas, your enchiladas, your first born child.

"""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle" - Gryphus_1

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