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Thank You NET-JAM

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Hi there.

Just wanted to come on your forum to say thanks alot for the COD4 server. I live in Vietnam (I'm English) and have very few HC populated servers to choose from and and can get an ok ping to your one so I've been using it alot in the last year or so.

Unfortunately I cant donate because I can't set up a paypal account in my current location so I thought the next best thing would be to take the time to register and give my thanks for a well admin'd server with descent rules and fair players. I notice you have increased the slottage to 23 and have some kind of auto-kick mechanism with a ban on grenades on some maps which is nice to see.

I believe this website is newish so well done on a very good looking community site.

That's all for now. No doubt I'll be frequenting your site now and again and leave a few comments.

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