I've been watching this guy wall hack for a couple days now, nobody says anything but me, finally got bored enough and caught on camera.

Watch how when he comes down the stairs his aim is towards the left side going straight to the middle of the building and how he follows the guy coming out of the same building and to the middle of the street where shoots him.

Then he runs back up and again aims through the walls on the second floor of the building up the street automatically, first with a low aim then again with a high aim and then a shot after the enemy comes to view, note how fast he runs up and aims exactly where the enemy was without the UAV on, There are 3 UAV announced and all were for the enemy team. Finally he aims dead cold to a wall on street level before deciding not to shoot, clearly he thinks he is smart, not so much BUSTED !!!!

Many wall hackers like this one waits until people comes to view and shoot not appear suspicious.