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Hey NJ

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Oh hey!

I'm dishwasher, dish, Erik, or whatever you wanna call me. I started getting back into COD4 over this past year and was happy to see your server still around, so I guess first and foremost, thanks! Anyways, looking to find another community to be a part of since I left RE and I know NJ has a pretty good reputation.

Hopefully I'll start seeing people ingame and maybe in TS3 when I get my microphone finally setup.

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Hey Allan,

Thanks! I've been really busy with work and the holidays, and am going on vacation next week, but I should be back playing in the New Year. I'm from Canada, specifically Ontario, so I'm EST. If I play, it's usually some point between 5PM-11PM my time. I'm actually getting a MIDI interface soon (yay Christmas lol) so I'll have my mic up and running for January so I can hop on TS3 first.

Looking forward to it.
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