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Player: gta v Suspect of Gods Eye hack


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For the last 5 days now Ive noticed a player that I believe to have 5 names now that is using the same hack.

He can seem to track people through walls even if that player has Jammer/Dead Silence/Silencer. His weapon also seems to SNAP into position when in CQB.

After watching the style of this player, is why I believe these 5 names are all the same ip address which I dont have.

Names of suspect player:
1) Profezzor
2) VNZLAstrike
3) TeamVNZLA
4) MAK...(Cant remember what comes after MAK)
5) gta v
Note: VNZLA stands for Venezuela

Furthermore, I have put these names in the order he has used them with the last name being the most recent. Unfortunately I only have demos for his last name since I was unaware that I could record using in game console which Fruits was kind enough to share with me in TS.

P.S. demo #1 entitled "gta_v" , I admit in the first 30 seconds or so it doesnt seem out of the ordinary. However, the more you watch the more you begin to see. As for the 2nd demo entitled "GTAV3", this video is obvious.

P.S.#2 I will admit that this guy SHOULD be a LOT better while using his hacks, but in my opinion a players skill should have nothing to do with whether or not he/she is allowed in the server or not. In my opinion, if they are hacking and it can be proven they should be banned 4 life. But thats just my opinion.

Thanks for looking into this, again watching the demos in full length will make it clear. See you guys n gals back in the Server!
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