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It's been so long again but here's some new stuff

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It's been awhile since I've posted any of my art here because I haven't completed anything worth while lately, but I thought I'd go ahead and share a few drawings and paintings that I really enjoyed doing- plus (after many hours of pain and suffering) one of my first digital paintings... Oh Illustrator :dazed:

I did half of this drawing back in 2011 I think, and finished the other half last January. lol

My phone made a little gif of some of my anatomy sketches which I thought was awesome!

Tiny little Bell and Beat I had to paint with a needle because I didn't own a small enough brush- that was fun.

This was a fun watercolor painting because castles. And lanterns!

A quick character watercolor.

This was my first time using gouache paint and I wanted to do something fun so I came up with this design for a mermaid and finished it off with some sparkly gold acrylic.

This was one of my favorites because the reference I used is in Alberta, Canada which is beautiful. Plus, I always love doing horses.

And lastly my digital painting of The Flash!!! It came out a bit more cartoony then I meant it too, but I'm still happy with it.

I have some traditional and digital paintings in progress and a whole bunch of sketching I hope to do. So hopefully I'll be posting more often.
Thanks for looking!

DoDo out

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As usual, very inspiring Dodo! You still put me to shame with the volume of work you produce! You did a really wonderful job on all of them. I admire you for diving into colour work that is so complex. It always scares me to start one! Great pieces, Dodo! They get better and better. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!


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Haha, Thank you so much!!! I've been trying to get more comfortable with using colors instead of pencils all of the time; it's definitely challenging to figure out what colors work, but it's fun to experiment. Thanks again Boards- you made my day!

DoDo out

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