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The method you used to record the video is really bouncy and it's hard to get a clear picture of what's going on.

The next time you report someone, attach a demo instead.

Just type /record [name your demo here] and then /stoprecord once you get the footage you think is sufficient to show us what you think is suspicious. This is the most optimal way to show us things because you can just attach the demo file on the website (usually it's only a few megabytes) and we can download it and view it in a demo viewer.

It'll be a lot quicker for you instead of rendering it to Youtube, waiting for the link, etc. Plus we'll be able to view it from their perspective.

With all this being said, I didn't see anything really fishy in regards to the player's gameplay with the video you uploaded. We'll keep an eye on him/her and if we find anything, we'll take care of it.





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