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Allow Call Vote plz!


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Sup fellas,

Recently I've been getting a little bored of the map rotation and wondered if Call Vote could be enabled to users to change maps, particularly to special maps like Killhouse etc that ARNT on the rotation. Also, would be cool to vote kick a cheater if admin not around.

Any thoughts on enabling Call Vote for all?

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Sorry Ghost, NJA controls this server and not the players.

I know that sounds a little harsh but thats how it is.

However, we are recruiting some new admins so if you would like to tell us a bit about yourself here, you know, age, location, how long you've been playing COD4 etc etc what other games you play and also any clan affiliations if any. We will see if you match our criteria.

Also join us on our mumble server so we can get to know you as i know you are a regular...
We are interested in your ability to accurately spot no recoil, aimbot and wallhack.....

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