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Possible hacker, possible good player, your interpretation.


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This guy has been on the server a decent bit and has always just seemed like a good player with good and bad games. But now I’m not so sure. A hacker that was on got 999 ping and connection loss at the same time this player did. So that made me suspicious and so I decided to record him. I’m still pretty undecided whether he is hacking or not, if he is, he has an aim assist but not much else. He doesn’t seem to be wall hacking or anything else. He might just be that good.
Playername: xsp1kEx

The opening clip shows his aim clipping to different players, which may have just been lag, but suspicious none the less.
His hip fire spray seems to be a very tight grouping first seen at 0:42 but this will become much more evident later.
1:53 is suspicious but not anything that can prove anything
At 2:06 we see his aim clipping about again, once again his ping was pretty bad.
He doesn’t seem to be walling as he repeatedly gets killed at the 2:20ish mark.
At 3:00 he hip fires with an incredibly small deviation on his spray, with all of his rounds landing nearly dead center on screen. This is slowed down on repeat. Not impossible, but very suspicious.
At 3:59 his spray seems normal, but he then proceeds to get two spray kills at considerable distance. Not impossible, but suspicious.
At 4:47 his aim jumps from target to target very quickly, and centers on another target when he begins his reload. This could just be good strategy and response, or he may have some assistance.
At 6:09 is probably the most significant of any of his actions, as he kills an enemy he can’t see and has the most stellar aim with the AK I have seen.
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Thanks for posting this, AllOfYourMoney. I'm on the fence about this player. Hipfire is strange, but he also seems very skilled. I'd like to get more opinions. Also, did you record this through the console by typing "/record" and "/stoprecord"? The demo file is a more accurate way of recording suspicious players, but uploading gameplay to YouTube is certainly very neat.


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After you successfully record a demo, you can find the file in your folders: Call of Duty 4 > main > demos

Copy the demos you would like to watch.

In your Call of Duty 4 folder, go to "players". Create a folder with the name "demos". Paste the demos you want to view there. To view it, start CoD4. Open console (~) and type "/demo (demo name)"


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