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Because Bob Ross

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Interesting fact: Bob Ross made $0 doing his Joy of Painting videos.

All of the money he made was from his actual company that made/produced painting supplies. My grandpa had a ton of Bob Ross brand paints and stuff. He also taped some of his videos on VHS that I still have to this date (besides my grandpa, I'm the only one in the family that paints).

Being a painter, I really cherish having someone like this in the community, but I'm sad to say that we're probably never going to have another Bob Ross. My instructor in class always viewed him as a "weekend painter" because of his sort of careless way of applying paint, but I absolutely loved his videos.

I can see what my instructor is saying, but everyone has to start somewhere and that's where Bob Ross shines; he can show you how to paint a pretty picture in 1 episode and you don't need to be a pro to do it.

Super cool to see something like this on Twitch. Hopefully more people will follow along and we'll have more content on there to watch whenever besides people playing games or trading CS:GO items.




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