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You use a lot of slow-mo in your montages. I suggest only slowing down to the beat of the music and place your clips so the kill syncs well with what's going on.

As far as music goes, I can give a lot of suggestions in nearly every genre besides country and classical lol.

Try checking out some of the movievault's montages for cod4 if you haven't already (themovievault.net). Awesome website for montages, however it is inactive because of hosting issues/youtube copyright claims on songs. You might get inspired or something they do in their video may spark some creativity. I feel in any field of design that taking a step back and viewing other's artwork and how they tell their own story helps tremendously with bringing out the "you" in your work.

My favorite montages for cod4 are "She Looked 16", "Stevy - 9 Lives" (most famous cod4 promod scope. He was known worldwide for being the best scope of the competitive cod4 era.), "Aurora Borealis", "Jailbait", "Archeo" by V-TAL, and "88 Inches Before Extinction". Pretty much any frag video made by tek9 cinemas or ButtonBashers is going to be great content. Check em out when you have time. They're worth a watch. All are promod/league/LAN footage as well.

Jesus. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of promod when it was still active enough to find scrims and active leagues. One of the most fun, most balanced competitive games I've ever played. The nostalgia is hitting hard right now. I'm gonna go cry in a corner because I know I'll never have those moments back Q_Q




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