So, I'm aware the 650m is newer over all and seems to have more areas in which it excels, but there are a few points where the Radeon 6770 beats it out.

radeon 6770m > 650m:
For example, significantly better 3dmark 11 score (10,000 vs 2000)
Significantly higher memory clock speed (3600 vs 1800)
Higher memory bandwidth (57 vs 28 GB/s)

650m>radeon 6770m
3dmark06 score (13,514 vs 1328)

3dmark vantage graphics
Hiugher texture rate
CLbenchmark RayTrace score
..other things

I'm hoping someone who is knowledgeable about gaming graphics performance chimes in. What benchmarks are more applicable to games like COD4 3dmark11 or 3dmark06????