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Ok, I'm only going to say this once. Be very careful about what you call NJA's. You've pushed your luck on this server for long enough and suffered the consequences.

NJA's are not psychic and have to spec all players who are suspected of cheating. You have to take the good with the bad and accept that NJA's will spec but don't expect them to jump to attention just because you say something. NJA's are here to keep the server free of cheats not to be on standby for your calls.

Our newer admins may be less experienced but isn't that the way with anything in life or are you an instant expert at everything?

However, your point is taken and so I will post in the admin forum to make sure that our newer admins are aware that they need to be a little quicker with aimbotters.

Ace could have possibly spec'd a little quicker but he is a new admin and still feeling his way and doing exactly what he has been asked to do and that is be careful....

So without having to repeat myself, please take this onboard, process it and remember it...

Let's have less criticism and maybe ask an admin politely to spec quickly....

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This guy has been ban twice now and has not took any think in at all it was nearly the end of the game befoe i was aware of the aimbot he said i dont have to spec which i know is not right for any admin to do! we have a procedure he did not tell me bye xfire or report to net-jam server and he should not be allowed on the server again after referring to people as down syndrome not to mention people who have kids with this disability!!!how many times will this happen befor action is taken with people like this!!
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Ever heard of the Salem witch trials? "Let's get rid of them before they cause too much trouble, and if we're wrong, it's only one person we're destroying." That was their mindset.

You said, "Be more laid back about hackers, a hacker comes in BAN HIM (aimbotters i mean, i know wallhackers can be tricky) if he wasnt hacking he can post on the forums." Hmm.

Now, they could always just unban after every mistake. But if I'm not mistaken, you've been through the unbanning process as well. It's a major pain, especially since you don't get to play if you're banned. I think it's better to let a hacker go occasionally if it means an innocent player won't be banned for an extensive period of time.

The server is in America, so it follows American rules. Innocent until proven guilty. The admins won't ban just because they THINK someone is hacking, they have to KNOW they are hacking, without a doubt. People like you who just sit around and complain about how they don't do their job are just part of the problem.

Your self-righteousness does you no credit. If you hate the admins so much, go find a different server.
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