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They're not going to give you banning powers just because you ask for it, because then EVERYONE would want banning powers. That would defeat the purpose, no?

Just play the game, xfire admins about any hackers, and if they're not around, record the hacker(s) and fire it their way. It also helps to be friendly in-game and hopping onto the vent server and talking to them as well, if you want to be considered as an admin.
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Fierce wrote:
I've already proposed what I think you should do. I also think you should add more admins to xfire, there's more to the NJA team than just Homeless, ACE, and Wabaki.

I agree, and for the most part regulars know I have NO life and Iam on ALL day may not be in game but i have vent and x-fire on, as soon as someone gets ahold of me iam in ther and ban... AS WELL as alot of admins, so going to the top of this page clicking on the admin link, might be a great start... Thanks
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Hey happy?, If you have an aimbotter on and after adding all of our NJA's xfire addresses you can't contact an admin here's what to do.

Tell everyone to go into spectator mode. When the botter has no one to kill he will get bored and leave. The quicker you can get everyone into spec the quicker the cheat will leave.

NJA-Ace is a new admin and is doing exactly what is required of him as a new admin.


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