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Requested by Salad. Cd Key is use error.


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Hello Net-Jam and guests,

This is my personal experience on "CD-Key in use error."

When I first playe COD, I had to download a pirated Korean version to play because of the language barrier.

I had no problem playing multiplayer with authentic cd-key, until one day I had a message on my screen "CD-Key in Use."

I Googled for solutions, in which most of them replied that "your" cd key got hacked and so on.

I tried everything from cleaning the registry, reformatting, run antivirus (no virus found.)

It didn't fix anything. So, I simply deleted the pirated the version, and installed the authentic one and patched all the files.

Which my problems got fixed and still playing till today.

bleh...i suck at writing...please understand my broken English lol.

Don't quote my quotes!

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