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New eBook Published on Amazon - Free download Promotion 7/24-7/25

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My new novel, Fallacies of Vision has been published on Amazon. Fallacies of Vision is a collection of short stories created from contemporary FACTUAL events that are used to show how we could all end up in an environment very much like that in Shadows Live Under Seashells (my first book). I will be having my first Kindle promotion, where you can download the eBook for free, on July 24 and 25th. If interested please take the opportunity to download my novel and, if compelled to, leave an honest review on Amazon (they help/hurt immensely). Clicking this link Fallacies of Vision will provide you with a sample, the entire first story.

Thanks guys...scope you later.
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Thanks man. The short stories, ranging in length from 1 page to 15 pages, were tougher to write then my last book. If you download it, I hope you enjoy it and write a review. If you don't enjoy it (enjoy is a curious word, you'll see what I mean) you're still welcome to leave a review. :)

Scope you later.
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