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Anyone from Colorado or been there enough to know the state?

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I'm writing a story and using Colorado as its setting. Having never been there (yeah, I know...but I've never been to Mars, the Moon, or Antarctica either) I need a bit of info on the state that I've so far been unable to obtain from the web. I figure someone who lives there should be able to provide me with very basic the information I need to write this story. In return for the help I'll name a character after you in this book/story and provide you with a digital copy. Contact me privately and perhaps we can chat via Xfire, Yahoo, AIM, or LIVE/MSN messenger (while its still around).

I've been playing a zombie game lately and the idea of zombies got stuck in my head. This story will hopefully purge the insanity by getting it all on paper. :)

thanks in advance

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I was in Colorado for a couple of years when I was very young, so I don't know if I can cover anything that you can't find on the web anyway...the Rockies are beautiful. The seasons are nice. I remember the summers being quite dry, but the winters (or sometimes even early autumns!) weren't lacking in snow. The scenery makes it a refreshing place to be compared to some of the states around it in the great plains. They did tornado drills in elementary school but I can't recall any serious threats.

It isn't really a state you can pigeonhole into any of the usual definitions...i.e, deep south, desert state, east coast, west coast, midwest, boring plains. I just remember it as a nice environment with a bit of everything.

just your friendly neighborhood Net-Jam C4 champion ;-]

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What I'm looking to know, which is why this difficult to search on the web, is where is the most remote wilderness areas. By this I mean wooded areas that extend for many acres, places where wildlife isn't accustomed to seeing or hearing man.

I understand what you mean in saying its hard to pigeonhole. A lot of the western states, Arizona included, have such a variety of environments.
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