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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Admins of Net Jam I was previously banned on Net Jam (like 5 months ago) and I understand the reason why I was banned. So now I'm here to make a Ban appeal, and to Justify my actions 1. I was kinda swearing and being really mad lol. 2. I was part of the infamous Black Water clan. So the reason that I was Spamming "FUC#@" In the Chat constantly was due to the fact that I was constantly getting spawn killed and getting shot at from near impossible angles and I was really pissed. Do I regret this action ? Well yes, there may have been other ways for me to express my anger, however, spamming the F word was not a great decision looking back, I did not intend to Hurt or harass anyone, so Sorry for the people who actually were hurt from this. Now for the BW controversy, was I a member of BW ? Yes I was. Was I a Hacker that made the game boring to play ? Ummm no, for Context I have like 0% Knowledge about Call of Duty 4, and I can barely install mods, I understand that there is a lot of Hate for BW members and I can understand that, which is why I left a long long time ago, a couple of weeks before my ban I had decided to Hop back in which unfortunately got me banned. It was true that I was a BW member, however, I never hacker, I never attacked a member seriously, and I have NEVER invaded the server ECT. This is my 2nd Ban appeal, my First Ban Appeal was my "admin impersonation" and multiple accounts. Why am I appealing ? Because due to the fact that I'm in China I cannot connect to any server without getting connection issue and this is one of my main ways to find entertainment, so yea. -Deez
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