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  1. Thankee, Sai. I was trying to actually make a statement about the other guys name.... U can see I was trying to call attention to his name and well if he can make his name colorsgiy then etc all the shit i write. Doesnt make it right n u prob dont believe me but i was in shock of mods allowing HIS name. But I hear ya loud n clear never worry again. Wont happen again. _frimmy
  2. Hey Net Jam Staff, This is Frim Fram/FRIMFRAM and I am requesting to have my ban lifted. I think I was drunk and saying how someone named colorsguy was like colored people or something? And then I changed my name like 10 times to stupid sayings and stuff I honestly barely remember but somethng about colored people?? I have no hate for anyone of any color or race or anything like that. I miss playing with you all :( Idk what else to say yall.... I just was having fun making fun of that guys name that's all. I wont do it again. I won't even bring up any type of people ever again. I legitly forget. But I think it was around Sunday 6am EST? or Sunday 3amEST? something like that. Anyhow I really miss Net-Jam and I am deeply sorry if I offended anyone. Please consider lifting my ban. I will discuss further if necessary but I seriously remember only bits and pieces as I was indeed inebriated. It was my first day off after working 8 consecutive days so I went a little to hard on the sauce if you know what I mean.... But seriuosly I don't think racist jokes are funny at all I actually hate that stuff. Thanks for reading! ALL LOVE!!!!!!!! PS.... I WILL SHUT UP AND STOP CHATTING AND CHANGING NAME >>>> ONLY NAME IS FRIMFRAM FROM NOW ON ;-) <<<<3333333 I'm from ZeroAlpha i'm sorry uwu FRIMFRAM 0813211703.mp4 odb-skrillz.mp3
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