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  1. How I really feel? Net-Jam admins blow at spotting cheaters. There. I said it. You guys are fantastic admins otherwise. Time for me to move on to other games
  2. Well, He decides to use Satan as his god and it works for him. Of course it does. Little cuntbag doesn't know life. Hope he's looking forward to the day he dies and goes straight to Hell forever. I sure am. He's a jobless cuck who enjoys a sad life of monotony, masking his suicidal thoughts with a candid cunt act. He can go fuck himself three times, and then a fourth after he jumps off a bridge and God replays his sad cunt life back to him, where he realized he never loved his mom enough to care for her life. Thanks -Jarod
  3. Re-edited the transition, new link
  4. Hi, I hope everyone's day is going well. I was wondering how I can edit or delete a post I've already posted on the forums. I am able to edit directly after posting, but after closing the window down and re-opening, I am unable to directly access those features while on the post. Thanks, -Gumm
  5. Here is the youtube link: https://youtu.be/-BQT2rLjSGM Remember to watch in 720p48fps ;P Hope you enjoy my mini edit, couldn't have been possible without the amazing Net-Jam Hardcore TDM server!
  6. Thanks Lunar for your response. Yes I believe you are right after thinking about it and watching it again, it was just him peeking the corner slowly and was coincidently near me. Also thanks for letting me know that admins dont ban from killcam alone, unless its beyond reasonable doubt aimlocking, that sort of thing. Keep up the good work, and I am thankful to have a nice server to play on with great admins like you :D -Gumm
  7. Edit: Added a Youtube link for easier viewability:
  8. On Net-Jam HC server. Video attached RPReplay-Final1633934471.mov
  9. Gumm


    Admins need to check Heritage out, his aim and movement is insane but he tracked me straight through walls at least twice and plays like a blatant waller... Didn't get the chance to record him as he went spectator after I called him out but please check him. Thanks
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