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  1. Looks like it's a known issue that new blocks don't render correctly in Overviewer: https://github.com/overviewer/Minecraft-Overviewer/issues/1807
  2. Hey guys, It looks like it's down unfortunately. I'm trying to get a hold of someone, and I'm not sure how long it will be.
  3. Nice, and the mess isn't that big of a problem if you don't have a side window, so i don't see the issue lol. It's pretty cool that you got them to sign the case too. I probably would take better care of my case if i had a bunch of signatures on it lol.
  4. The NZXT Cooler seems to blow the H100i out of the water. People seem to like it more online from what I've red and it's got no problem keeping up with the 980Ti. The CAM software that NZXT provides seems a whole hell of a lot better than Corsairs. CAM also seems like it can take the place of MSI Afterburner, Real Temp, and some other monitoring tools for my uses. It looks a lot better too: http://downloads.net-jam.com/imgs/Screenshots/Tucker/CAM_Screenshot.PNG And it's funny you have to wait until sunrise; I had to wait until sunset to take mine or they end up with a nice ugly glare on them.
  5. Pwnstar asked for pictures of my computer earlier. Figured I'd share something. Keep in mind, I'm not a photographer or very patient. These pictures aren't the best and my case has gotten very cluttered recently as i added insane amounts of cables to it... Here is a Google Photos album with about 60 photos in it. It has all of the photos I could find with my computer equipment on my Google Photos lists. Here is another Google Photos album with just the 4 good/decent pictures of it's current state. Like I said, it's a mess. It will probably get better over time, but right now it's crazy in there. Plus I don't have a side window, so I go more for functionality than looks lol.
  6. Yeah, it's great, except I'm already being threatened by the forums.
  7. Tucker


    Another demo of inyourface.
  8. Tucker


    Another demo of aniMal.
  9. This is quiet a long demo. I has three hackers in it, but i know that one is already banned (Sport_drink or whatever). The other two that are featured in this film is JOKER and .... JOKER is in it for most of it, but ... is in and out of it throughout the latter half. Since it didn't let me upload it for some reason: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3No79wE7k3-UmF0RU1sa2RmYTg/view?usp=sharing
  10. For some reason i couldn't upload the file to this thread. I uploaded to my server instead. Here's a link: http://files.mibclan.com/CoD4/Demos/f33d.dm_1 Edit: Or it attach it to the thread anyways....
  11. Tucker

    LEGACY multihack

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3No79wE7k3-djFtYm8xaTRWTnM/view?usp=sharing I was told to post a link to the demo i recorded of "LEGACY" hacking in game.
  12. Hey guys, haven't been here in a while, recently got bored of everything else. I found a player that looks like they might be wall hacking and thought you might want to see it. Its still uploading so it may be a minute before its done. EDIT* Video is uploaded and should be available to watch.
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