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  1. It’s funny cause at first I didn’t do it until they explained how it worked, and I did it a couple of games and got bored of it and I went back. I’ve been playing legit. Your server consists of so many kids/ admins that complain about people with skill. Personally I’m not affected by this, I still play on the server lol, but tell your players to stop creating false accusations lol, your server is known for that.
  2. hardware unbanning is super easy, just gotta change a number lol.
  3. Lol I’m still playing in the server, just changed the name this time. Just another bypass lol. Maybe you’ll notice me again
  4. I admit I did it lol, but I wouldn’t call it cheating. Cause I can just use an M4 carb with the double tap attachment. Tell me the difference?? Is that cheating also?
  5. Lmaooo takes someone to know what’s small. Anyways ya I was doing it during that game cause u accused me of doing it during that game even though I wasn’t, and I didn’t even know what it meant until someone told me in the lobby. Then I tried it and I was having fun haha but after a few games it got boring plus it defeats the purpose of the gun. Also my accuracy was poopoo when I scrolled. It’s been 2 weeks since I haven't done it. I don’t do it anymore.
  6. Never got banned lol
  7. stop crying looser i just have a good trigger finger. why dont u just be good or something lol.
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