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  1. I wasn't going to comment on this as it's not worth my time, but you keep making things up so here we go. I haven't been on cod4 since last weekend as I've been busy; therefore, "miu" and "mdh" isn't me. If you keep thinking all these people are hacking maybe you're the issue. It's kinda sad that you're going to all this effort to try and prove I am not legit. You must not have much going on in your life if you're getting this worked up over a video game. It's sad af. The fact that you don't know how to record a demo properly and you play on 60 FPS clearly shows that you don't know much about cod4 hence why you're accusing me of hacking. Russian and 123 are two different people, I only know one of them from another server. They were sick of you constantly acting like a child and bitching in the chat. They were both trying to explain how i'm not hacking as they have a lot more knowledge about the game than you. Also it's not against the rules to 'constantly' change my name so I don't know why you keep bringing that up. I'm not trying to hide as i'm using the same key which I'm fully aware that the admins can check who I am through echelon. Tbh it's quite funny you wasted a few hours putting clips and screenshots together that show absolutely nothing . You didn't even show the full clip when I first saw Nerdjitsu when I was inside the building then strafed out by the bushes to kill him, I think you did that to try and make it look i'm using a wallhack. You mentioned in a previous post that I get high k/ds with a sniper etc and, that unless i'm an MLG pro player there's something really fishy about that k/d using a sniper. Just so you know, I was a competitive player including promod, competitive sniping on console, decerto and gamebattles to name a few, so I guess that does mean I am an 'MLG' pro player. The admins have spectated me numerous times and Pig did have a chat with me and as he said there is a reason why i'm still not banned. It seems you're just upset that a player with 200 ping is outplaying you. I'd hate to think how upset you'd be if I was on a lower, less laggy ping and didn't shoot through people constantly. You just need to accept that you aren't good at this game. I suggest you go find something else to play, maybe minecraft? Keep trying to find that clue you're looking for
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