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  1. Lol either you're so retarded that you cant read or you are just too busy mating with vegtables to reply
  2. Says the dude that locks you ban appeal because you disprove all his "reasons" to ban you lol
  3. My guy you have 3k hrs on cod4 that over 150 days if anyone is gonna mate with a vegtable its gonna be you lmao
  4. I legit just played on Netjam yesterday with Sosa and Fafa lmao. You guys might wanna try harder to make sure we dont come back lol
  5. Lol from what I know you guys dislike BW because they are mostly spainish and 2 members were caught hacking?
  6. When did I say u need permission lol ignored Ignored indeed lol
  7. and how else are you meant to post without pressing submit reply lol
  8. lol I guess forums here are dead
  9. but I guess if it boosts your ego then who am I to stop you lmao -Deez
  10. Besides you only banned my old keycode and my cracked account its not like I dont have cod4 on steam lmao
  11. None of us even play cod 4 anymore lmao so you can totally extend out ban lol
  12. are all former bw members still banned ?
  13. I mean according to you guys, the main reason BW was banned is because there were members hacking so Ima be defensive about that because thats why they are all banned. Also wanna point out, on the day of the ban I was actually not a part of BW but I was previously kicked from BW because I was previously banned and like I joined back because I want a server to play on and BW has a PRIVATE server so thats why I joined back lol -Deez
  14. "Off the top of my head and in no specific order, you were banned for admin impersonation, advertising, recruiting, team stacking, being a disturbance, ignoring admin warnings, ban evasion" 1. When I was impersonating as an admin you were online, you taught me how to use ^ to change the color of text and you were encouraging us. I also recall asking for your discord and wechat 2. I appealed for admin impersonation and I was unbanned 3. I dont recall advertising and being like "JOIN MY CLAN " 4. I did team stack like once or twice, but I dont actively do it and I stopped when other members said it was annoying 5. Sure I may have spammed once or twice but thats ban able ? To me If Im spamming you should mute 6. I was NEVER warned by anyone 7. How did I ban Evade ? What ? I was only banned twice and last time I was banned I was never online ??? ehhhh Also like just because one person was hacking on BW does not mean that We are all like breaking the rules, on the day of my ban, you typed something along the lines of !ban (Random Numbers) BW. To me this is Collective punishment and its not that necessary l I mean, I joined BW for FUN not to like cause trouble for the server, I joined because SOSA was talking about a Clan war with the Net-Jam Team and I really wanted to participate but he said that its only open for clan members so I asked if I can join, like I did not join to cause Harm, I joined for fun. Also I wanna point out that hannasyzzz is also a member of BW but she does not use the tag, what makes her illegible to be unbanned ? -Deez
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