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  1. Loamofgod

    SoG#Hulk WH NR

    Another difficult one… perhaps he was trying to disguise it? The WH seems toggled, but the NR constant. Hulk2.dm_1
  2. Weird one— seemed to me to be a noob using wall hacks. He couldn’t play well despite it all, but his pre-aiming and tracking through walls on the kills he did get got me looking. The first half of the demo is the end of chinatown— and the kills seemed to be rather suspicious. The second half of the demo is much less fruitful— he tried sniping on wetwork and got slaughtered by a rather riled up Bob Ross. Nevertheless, his odd behavior on wetwork (shooting at specific locations on the crates and walls) suggested to me that he was trying to snipe players through these fixtures and wasn’t aware that the players were hidden or unable to be wallbanged from there. Fortunately I am not the ultimate judge. Thanks for looking! rebex.dm_1
  3. Hello. Time is 2:08am PST. Suspected WH + Toggled Aim with the name AmGSupply&Demand. I have a demo, as well as FLANCO. However I can’t post it from this device. Will post the demo tomorrow if FLANCO doesn’t beat me to it. Thanks
  4. Loamofgod


    A player using the name FAVORIT was playing with WH+NR. I have two demos, but they are on a different computer. If they are needed please let me know and I can get them to you. At the time of this post, a demo taken by a different user (gimpy) of the suspect (FAVORIT) was posted on this forum but under the buster:wh thread. Perhaps it would be good to have it here as well. thanks
  5. Loamofgod

    'dey' aimbot

    Shout out to fimbo and 2old for being, despite the names, both sane and sharp to notice and notify promptly 👍👍👍K
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