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  1. @yoyomaster98 I'd lose interest in the game after using a soft aimbot and walls for that many years too lmao
  2. @SqshyYoshi I'll rek u all if you don't gimme back my ez™
  3. You probably got banned cause you use "like" way too much lmao. Jk idk
  4. @SupraWorks *claims server is filled with kids* * uses CID spoofer or some bs to counter ban* I mean you're just adding to the "kids" of the server by doing that lmao
  5. I mean they're probably gonna end up hardware banning you, so good luck getting a new graphics card in this market lmao
  6. Rip in pepperoni lol
  7. @SupraWorks So you admit to trying a cheat out but it's all good because it's all for fun? Lol what?
  8. @MRFUZZY Or I guess he called you a loser, idk. This is confusing. Either way I just wanted to make sure that he's not bypassing the ban or anything.
  9. @MRFUZZYYeah so the @SupraWorks kid bypassed the ban I guess because he was back online a few hours ago and is now calling me a loser when all I did was ask him "aren't you supposed to be banned?" Sigh.
  10. Scroll binding is so dumb. Idk how people can even aim before their mag is empty by the time they let go of the scroll wheel, even with an LMG.
  11. @DragonOk I'll try to demo him again when he shows up again thanks
  12. Lol you talk so much more shit than I ever have. What's the point of joining a community to basically call any player who isn't a sweaty fucking tryhard like you a shitty player? That's all you do is shit on players' skill level. And you tell me I have no life yet you're sweating every single game. You're a hypocrite. That's nice that you played in competitive tournaments but NJ was a chill server before you joined it and told me I play like shit. All 5 of my pics show the frame by frame of you pressing mouse1 EXACTLY when your aim is on the player and it kills them before you even ADS. But nah you're definitely clean. I'm done giving you any attention.
  13. @LuNaRAnd thanks for the rate command, mine was set at only 15000 instead of 25000
  14. @LuNaRAh ok sounds good. Was it a jittery demo though or did it look good?
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