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  1. Guys i have my discord channel you can come here and play games and make friends you can invite your freinds to play with together here is the link come and join my discord and Enjoy M youtube channel please check it out if you Like then subscribe like and share i start newly newly Links removed.
  2. Join my discord channel Guys Im very thankful to yours!
  3. Join my discord channel Guys Im very thankful to yours!
  4. Hi All guys/admins Im new Here Admins/owner I want to discuss about your server to make him besT Bro I want to say you that your TDM server make BesT if you add Promod Command in server also when the player kill other player The white Kill sign show You Have to change it To Golden color which Attract Player to server Also the main thing Make Players As admin who are regular and good behaviour Because I saw a server which have alot players But for those server admins are very bad and mean and now those server dead means in those no player can play now.Bro I hope you Understand and make these changes to server Also I want to know That is server Points Increased Like if i kill other player 5 points Show Suppose can i change this 5 points Value to 1000 Which are Good and attractive thing Admins and owner Reply my posT and tell me that can i make admin player or not Or is can you add these changes Im verY verY thankful to yours Because In Cod4 no one is best server I want to make your server best Thank you! Wait Your reply in excitment :)
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