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  1. I would like to request the admins to give me one more shot. As I have stated before, I apologize for the usernames I used in the past and will abandon using or changing usernames. You guys will not have any further troubles from me. Please accept my apology and give me another chance.
  2. I clicked the server and it connected. I wasn't trying to be sneaky or break any rules. Played couple matches, that's it. That's really all the time I get to game. Mostly I'm working, so I don't get much time anyway. Again, I request all admins to consider giving me one more opportunity. I'm keeping my username as feedtheducks and not changing it. Again I apologise for the previous usernames I kept. Wont happen again. You guys have my word.
  3. I humbly request one more shot. I will keep it as feedtheducks. Will not change it. Please. Your guys server is literally the best cod4 server available. I promise, that you will not see any more trouble from me. Sincerely apologise for the inappropriate usernames.
  4. Ok. Yes. They are all crude. I apologise. U won't have any more trouble from me. You have my word. I'm being straight up with you.
  5. Hello I recently started playing cod4 after a long time. It's one of the few games that I can enjoy. I started playing on the server with a username which was inappropriate. (DadRapesMyAss) I was asked by Sticky to change it. I did. (FingeringMyDad) Ok. Yes. Not much better. I understand. I didn't mean to offend anyone with it. It was humorous and I hoped to make people laugh. That was all. I would like to request one more shot. My online username is always feedtheducks. And would like to request an unban. I will use feedtheducks and won't change it. Thank you for your time.
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