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  1. maps Pipeline and no, what you have given me are clips of a player playing normally, having experience of the game, not someone hacking. The only proof you have atm are the videos of me playing normally without hacks. oh and having a big ego somehow ties in with me being a hacker? yea okay mate
  2. although, looking at the top left corner at the UAV i can see people through walls
  3. yep, and in that demo, i dont see anywhere that i see people through walls
  4. Nah coz this "Tunnel with the ramp leading to building 1 and through the wall of the MG building." is really helpful
  5. Honestly, watched all the demos, none of them look like im hacking and im not saying this to save my own ass, im saying this just because is literally doesnt look like im hacking
  6. When and where did i see people through walls
  7. Ive never been against any decisions made by NJ admins, until now. Falsely accusing people of hacking is where i draw the line
  8. I responded like 2 minutes after your response, and i opened and watched the demo instantly. According to you knowing where enemies spawn, having self awareness of shit around you and listening to players footsteps or listening out for gunfire, PLUS looking at the radar is hacking. Then pretty much everyone who plays cod4 should be banned.
  9. Lmao, jesus. I guess you guys really are just banning everyone who is good at the game. Fair enough
  10. No, i did watch it, i dont get how any of that shows that im hacking. I saw people fair and square and shot and killed them, listening to sound of footsteps, knowing where spawns are, looking at the UAV
  11. Thats all just reactions and map knowledge of spawns and everything...? Yea i admit to making jokes out of it and being cocky here and there but still, if thats the case then PRIME should be banned for "hacking" as well
  12. If thats your take on it then I have nothing to say
  13. Ive been part of the community for ages and i dont see the reason as to why i would cheat
  14. Um what? Why would i ever cheat with the NJ tag? I personally hate cheaters and would never do it myself...?? What are the reasons you believe or what proof?
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