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  1. I speak for all, we have not been offensive with you or other members of NJ, we have accepted our mistakes, before they silenced us we committed ourselves to Lunar (Maybe) that this would not happen again. We did it until we were silenced, for that reason we asked you the real reason for our ban. I know that you are a respectful person, I offer my opinions also if my language has not been adequate here. We want to go in peace with you if we definitely won't be playing on your server again. It is a real pity. If you want to speak to us privately, perhaps with Sossa to reach an agreement we are willing. Thank you very much.
  2. G1, I'm just doing this to shut your mouth. Unfortunately I did not find an older video, but you will be able to see our server since 2015. We weren't interested in being in Game Tracker, maybe that's why you didn't know about us before. Nor do I want to discuss our appeal further. We only expected a single consistent response, we never received it from you. You just say that it includes examples of the rules, perhaps the most serious was to see that at one point in time there were only 2 NJ players while we were 8 or 10 times of BW on your server. I slowly retire and leave this here. Roscón! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTx60DrB1ic
  3. We don't know you, at least not with that Nick, but I'll reply on your comment. Our competition is always between our clan, we all do autoassign, if the server puts us in the same place it is not our fault. Again I want to clarify, the competition is between us, we do not mind winning over other players on the NJ server. Our challenge is to try to get a positive score (Kills - Deaths). In our WhatsApp group we laugh about it, when one of us scores negative in one night. I also want to clarify, we have always had our own server for 8 years, so if we have a ban here it doesn't matter. We will continue on our server without problem, today we are more or less 16 players in our clan and everyone who wants to play is invited to play. We have also played alone and it is not our intention to say that we are good, we are not even close to that, we could not compare ourselves to the true players that really are Pro. Peace and love little boy, I do not have to hide from anyone, I do not use Nicks or false pics, I have children maybe your age with whom I also play. If we can't do it in NJ maybe we can do it in Minecraft. Never mind.
  4. it is obvious that we made the mistake of recruiting players. we accept our mistake, besides that we were silenced. So what mistakes did we make while being silenced? Why weren't we kicked out once a month ago? it's simple you don't want healthy competition and only accept the level of a player like Prime or Sticky Rice. He is afraid of healthy competition and good play. I invite you to search YouTube videos about the BW clan and you will only see born talent. I also took the trouble to check if we have reports for our games and there is none, except one against BW-Colo. He no longer plays with us.
  5. We have only received contempt from other players but we have never received a warning for not playing fair. The clan has never been banned before this server. I have been from the beginning, since our clan found this IP. Some players were banned, we appealed for them and the response was always positive, where you as administrators were apologizing for the error, I don't understand now why now everything is wrong? what is the error? We always have a good relationship of respect with other players. Cow knows us well, we have played together on other servers. About a month ago one of our players apparently was inviting another to play on our server. We took action on this matter and pledged not to invite anyone else, we did very well, but days later the entire BW clan was silenced. Does this become a nuisance to NJ administrators? if we haven't spoken for more than a month? How could we say something bad if we are silenced? I agree with Sporky when we feel that this seems rather a whim, we demand evidence against any of our players if there is no fair play, we will expel anyone who does not, we have done it before. We have a good game because we use Team Speak and we know strategy, we have a name for each place on the map and we coordinate attacks with the corresponding team. We do Auto Assign always (In fact NJ only allows that) Thank you for your time and we hope you can reconsider an appeal.
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