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  1. You talk for talking, you tell us that you ban us for very general things that you don't even go into detail about. We have been on multiple servers for years and have only had problems with you for no reason. How can we break a rule if automatic allocation was the only option and they had us silenced? I do not see logic to your answer.
  2. I don't see exact arguments or reasons for our ban, I was talking about making the donation that we had with you so that you can see that we support server growth and that we are competitive players that people like to play. This is an insult, an insult to the entire Net Jam clan community, an insult we have never committed against you, just a whim. I hope you have a good day.
  3. PD: Do you know that we donate on your server? Is this the way to thank us? Please...
  4. Gryphus, Lava Lamp is the king of camping... can you ban him? And other characters already mentioned above. Can you tell us what you mean by wallbanging and stacking? Who else has recruited people on your server? Can you show us please? Unpleasant why?
  5. It really seems like a joke if we are banned on a whim or simply for always having the best positions in the ranking of the game. In a very good way, we ask that we can continue playing with you and that if there is any future problem with any of our players, you sanction that player! We'll do the rest. Thank you.
  6. I only ask you for the favor that if you have found any irregularity with any of our players, ban and upload tests, but do not ban us all for things that are not relevant.
  7. Why do they hate us when we don't mess with absolutely anyone? Everyone insults us, everyone says things about us and what do we do? just play, play fair, and play at a high level as is the level that characterizes the BW clan.
  8. We play fair, we only enter to play with you for fun and to share time with people who know how to play well, like all of us ... you have been able to see that our level of play is high but, is this why they ban us? Why do you think we generate inconvenience? where is there evidence of this? I repeat, we only enter to have fun with you in a healthy way and it is not our fault to have a high level of play.
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