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  1. MrMarksy

    Ban Appeal

    Hi NJ admins, I tried joining the main server this morning and it said I was banned, even though I have not done anything wrong against the rules. Can I get unbanned? Thanks
  2. Hey NJ admins, I'd like to make an application to become a member. I do not know how to make or send an application. I need help with dis pls. Also, myself and Deeznuts are requesting that the !fov no. be fixed as save or set does not keep it for other games. Thanks guys!
  3. MrMarksy

    Ban Appeal

    Hi NJ, Sorry I didn't realise that ab stands for abuse. I am sorry for if I offended anyone on the chat by calling them a 'camper' or 'noob' or something else in a negative way and also swearing too often. It is just my way of releasing my anger and frustration with players who don't play like in sport, with good sportsmanship values. I will try and improve my online behaviour and change my style of approaching online trolls and newbies. Please take this message in deep regard and I will reward you with decent gameplay. Thank you and take care today, Mr. Marks
  4. MrMarksy

    Ban Appeal

    Hey NJ admins/members, This is MrMarks. I tried joining server recently but said you are banned for "ab" which I assume is aimbot. I have clearly never used aimbot and always complain about people who cheat. I think you may have banned the wrong person. Please try your best in removing this ban put on me unfairly. Thank you.
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