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  1. thanks Quiet! My artist is the man. And lets see em! Here's my most recent addition, the snake on the side of my head. Gonna get the other side done soon

    Mitek - WH

    Seems pretty obvious to me...Tracked me through a lot of walls when I was playing regardless of my UAV jammer/Dead Silence class. Mitek.dm_1
  3. Not the best demo, but this gentleman was tracking quite a bit. In the first few seconds you see him track the players running down the stairs to the alleyway. Irene was also present and can testify to my suspicions. Thanks! L2-AIM.dm_1
  4. As of lately lots of 90's Memphis rap. Love the gritty/lofi tape rips
  5. Hardcore, pure bolts, and no side arms would be sick. I'd be alllll over that haha.
  6. good times!!! glad I remembered and hopped on
  7. Ah shoot, I always forget about that command. Will keep it in mind for next time! It was extremely evident before people started calling him out, but obviously it would not be fair to ban without solid proof. Thanks!
  8. Creepin through old threads. Most of my body is tattooed. Just need to do my back, upper legs, and the rest of my head and I'll be about done :>
  9. Hello, played 5-6 rounds with this fella tonight. Was getting some very interesting quickscopes through smoke/walls etc. Once called out he toned it down though. Not sure if this demo is proof enough but it's worth a shot. Thanks ya'll! autodefensas_1587706555.dm_1
  10. imagine if my ping was 69 too.....nice
  11. reviving this thread. one of my best yet! 69-9
  12. sigh. pretty obvious. might be one of the hackers that regularly joins.
  13. Ah weird, I did try to connect immediately after I got kicked/banned so I assume the temp 0 minute ban was still in effect. Thanks!
  14. Hello again....I've been using the !FOV 100 command because I like how it looks. However it still occasionally gives you the "FAKE COMMAND" warning when using it. I just activated it a few minutes ago(03/01/2020 6:25am) and it kicked/banned me from the server. Thanks in advance for assistance :-)
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