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  1. Well ya'll... I regrettably updated to the newest Mac OS "Big Sur" without really reading into it(or doing a time machine backup because I'm stupid). I am no longer able to run 32 bit applications on my iMac, of which COD4 is one . Sure I could install a virtual environment but I don't really feel like paying for Parallels plus this OS is causing numerous issues and I'm sure it wouldn't run that well anyways. That being said, I'm going to finally build a PC here in the near future. I've got a close friend that has been PC gaming and building them practically since he could speak, so I'll be coordinating with him soon since I have 0 experience with anything PC-related lol. In the meantime, catch me on CS:GO being a noob with the auto-sniper since thats just about the only game in my steam library that my iMac can run right now. Steam ID is "efredette" if any of ya'll would like to add! Hope to be back soon but until then, peace out ya'll!
  2. Got another a week ago. La Santa Muerte on the back on my head!
  3. sigh..very obvious. iceman.dm_1
  4. Not sure if any of you are into heavy music, but I make a few quick appearances in this vid! Been friends with their vocalist and guitarist since early high school and they needed someone that looked "rough" to play as an intravenous drug user
  5. You should! I'm sure there would be a little bit of a learning curve with the technique but with the amount of depth you've achieved on these and with your sense of color, I bet you could crank out some masterpieces in no time!
  6. Yooooo, these are rad! Do you make them digitally or are they paintings? They got some Skyrim/Lord of the Rings type scenery vibes goin on, love it!
  7. That's me yes, but I'm very white hahaha. My latino friends came up with the nickname tho lol
  8. woah!! it was 55 here two days ago and today its 19. no snow yet this year tho :'(
  9. From just a bit ago. This fine gentleman joined, played a few rounds, and generally had a VERY negative KD. Kept calling everyone "Camping n*****s" and generally spammed the chat with complaints about camping. I didn't manage to get screenshots on that but it's all in the chat-log if there's any point in checking that out. However after he rage quit, he came back and was suddenly going 60-15ish every game. Its fairly obvious in this demo. Thanks! alibaba.dm_1
  10. jeeeeez, that does not sound fun at all. Hoping you a swift recovery man!
  11. Starting my end of the world militia, who wants in? IMG_0234.m4v
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