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  1. Thanks guys I appreciate the comments. This is one of the last good servers I can find and would hate to not be able to play cuz of something stupid.. Caps Lock SUCKS
  2. Some players (NJ Prevail, CS Irene, a lot more, etc.) keep calling me out for WH. Bottom line is that I don't cheat. Never have and never will. It's really annoying to see messages show up "you will be banned very soon" when i don't cheat. Yea sometimes I talk sht and annoy people but I don't have any aid that'll put me at the top of the leader boards. Some admins know I don't but others wanna ban me. When I play, its more aggressive and I take chances with every move. I read players and remember them. It's not my fault if a player decides to camp the same spot behind a wall and then they die from me wall banging (-> "omg ginger has wh"). Or if i lead a shot after a person runs behind a wall and kill them (->"omg ban gingerkid for hacking"). Please don't ban me cuz I legit don't have any hack as people like to call out. I've played this game for 11 yrs. It's not that hard... Thanks -scout
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