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  1. Let's go one by one, shall we? The RPG in Hardcore CoD4 in general, much-less our server, is a meme-machine. Nothing more. Any disadvantage you find yourself in is a mental one. You say you're not going to discuss your RPG situation, yet the bulk of your post is directly about just that. The RPG rule isn't something new. It's been in place and enforced longer than you've been playing here. You have been warned about your use of them and even kicked more times than I could list. You've even been warned about it verbally in Teamspeak, by me. So don't you dare pretend like you didn't know or understand the rule. Your RPG use has increased dramatically over the years. Someone telling you that your occasional use was ok years ago doesn't apply to your absurd use of them today. A point that was made abundantly clear to you, as I mentioned. You thought I was offended at your referring to me as "Cryphus"? I muted you in-game because after you were done crying to anyone who would listen with your fairy-tale about why you lost your RPGs, you started bragging about how you could supposedly circumvent the ban whenever you wanted. Thinking about it now, I should have just banned you then and there. Regarding your "game allowances"; what you and so many others fail to understand is that removing your in-game chat or in your case the RPG, is us being kind, allowing you to still enjoy the game. There was a time when our options for dealing with problematic players were limited to kicking and banning. If you would prefer to be banned out-right it's still on the table. I do love this part. You decided that because you killed me several times in one game, that I threw a tantrum and removed RPGs. But then, after seeing the anguish of the people, all suffering for your alleged sins, you interceded and had it changed to just punish you. I thought I had seen the limit of your conceited self-righteous arrogance but you remain surprising. A few quick points before you try and dispute your RPG usage. 35% of all your kills in the server were with RPGs. Which is more than 7 times greater than the next highest. Following the loss of RPGs, your playtime plummeted and has yet to recover. You posted this in the Ban Appeals forum. This isn't an appeal, it's an announcement for others to know how indignantly you feel you've been treated since you can no longer tell them yourself in-game. You know me well enough to know how this song and dance would end. Which begs the question of why you tried. Victim-hood doesn't suit you.
  2. Do not post in someone else's appeal.
  3. Gryphus_1


    Sorry Covid, your name has a lot of results. You were caught up in another ban. You should be good to go now. Let us know if you still have issues.
  4. Gryphus_1


    Yoshi banned a player matching your username, IP address and illegitimate CD-Key. Given the circumstances, if you believe this to be a mistake you will need to purchase a legitimate copy of the game.
  5. Gryphus_1


    You were unmuted for 3 months before you went back to it and got yourself remuted. Makes your promise ring a bit hollow. As Deagle has been told by an amusing number of people now, he needs to come solve his own problems. Thread moved.
  6. I dont rember if we can rotate through actual mods or not. So a solid maybe. We had a Promod server for a while and it didn't to well.
  7. As you can tell from the lack of anything about it or our gungame server on the site, we never really commited to them. But a good suggestion. If we remember to commit to them that is something we will do.
  8. Peak periods are roughly 7 months later.
  9. A voting system of any kind is not happening.
  10. We removed it because it adds unnecessary clutter and is completely irrelevant to gameplay. We have no way to toggle it for individual players.
  11. Long time no see Wab. How's it going?
  12. I so hope that's not a game mode...
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