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    Hi Flaco this is my Wife and I, son's tattoo. He got it two months ago. His handle on line is Chooken. Still trying to get mu Wife to let me get some.
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    After 5 years of dating, I finally popped the question. She said yes!
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    I've taken no sides. You two do realize that I can read the chatlogs right? I've read your little lovers spats and aside from being mildly amusing, it's innocuous. Tac, you came here crying foul and giving us English lessons. You then proceed to insinuate to me via that PM that we give people who donate to us preferential treatment. So yeah, I am going to take a sarcastic tone with two children squabbling in a videogame. Maybe you both could just silently take solace from shooting each other in the face from now on. However since nothing I say will dissuade you anyway. Keep in mind that if you two continue to escalate and become disruptive to other players, we will take action against both of you. Now gentlemen, if that's all I'll be going back to sarcastically watching you two take pot-shots at each other.
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    This player has been banned for Aimbot. Thanks for the report Petty!
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    You probably got banned cause you use "like" way too much lmao. Jk idk
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    Sorry for the delay. Myth was going to have the final say, but he appears to be away. You seem genuine about it, so it's been lifted. Word of caution; you were already on thin ice when Myth banned you. Mean what you said and don't be a dick yeah? Ban lifted. Thread locked. G1
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    Plays like he has at least CFG edit for high fps, moves faster than regular players. I'm sure he'll claim to be spamming keyboard, etc. Thanks qkNorrisCFTG1.dm_1 qkNorrisCFTG2.dm_1
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    Hi, player FAVRIT demo attached. A few of us thought there was something sketchy about his moves. gimp demo0000.dm_1
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    congrats leetle dinosaur :D. Likewise dragon wishes both of you the best and may the love blossom further!
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    Call me Kylo Ren because MOOOAR! MOOOOOOOAAAAAAAR!!! There's supposed to be a samurai in the last one but it didn't turn out so great omegalel
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    Thank you for this. I look forward to tomorrows word of the day.
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    Shout out to fimbo and 2old for being, despite the names, both sane and sharp to notice and notify promptly 👍👍👍K
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    Anything to pull those annoying snipers off the regular server ;P
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    They did a pretty good job though inflammation's not bad.
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    Oh damn that humerus not looking so humorous They nail-gunned you like a roofer
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    Merry Christmas bois, figured I'd share some of my art as a Christmas gift
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    The compression is killing meh it's making it all blurry. Too much of a pain in the ass to optimize so here's the first one less blurry
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    From just a bit ago. This fine gentleman joined, played a few rounds, and generally had a VERY negative KD. Kept calling everyone "Camping n*****s" and generally spammed the chat with complaints about camping. I didn't manage to get screenshots on that but it's all in the chat-log if there's any point in checking that out. However after he rage quit, he came back and was suddenly going 60-15ish every game. Its fairly obvious in this demo. Thanks! alibaba.dm_1
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    Hey Cow more for they have had a fuck load more of joeys. 11 total in this pic.
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    Yeah I've heard stories of the iron rods that they use to clean road rash and to test if the nerves still work So that mower pretty much shredded your tendons and elbow huh? Damn and you're still playing the game? That's dedication right there
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    Why did they leave that wound in the open like that with no dressing? I'd be scared of an infection My grandpa cut open the top of his fingers when he put his hands under a lawnmower that was turned off. Turned out the blade didn't stop spinning because of bad bearings or whatnot. Lawnmowers are such trolls lol
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    jeeeeez, that does not sound fun at all. Hoping you a swift recovery man!
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    daaaaaaaamn, what happened???
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    That is cool Irene. Pic is a little small, but phew doggies - that is a lot. Bet they can chow down on a garden pretty good. Moo!
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    That's rad! Very nice line work and shading on that. Haha get tatted up! lol
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    Hey there, My understanding is that the CID_XX names are assigned to players who connect with either no name or a name that isn't displayable. Not sure about what you mean by collecting proof not being your job, but I view making a recording of another player as a way to assist the admins on this server and helping to make this a more enjoyable community to play in. With respect to hackers, having been an admin for my own clan back in the day, I can attest to the fact that the Net-Jam server is very well patrolled. While a hacker may not be immediately dealt with while we are on and making recording or using !report, a simple posting of a recording to the reports section of this website is handled fairly promptly with bans administered when appropriate. Depending on availability, using report often will result in an admin coming on (sometimes covertly) to observe the player in question and take action. Be mindful that admins are volunteers with work and other responsibilities and may not show up immediately. Regarding donations, I am sure that the clan paying to host this server for your enjoyment appreciates any financial support that players want to give to keep this labor of love open for us to come and play on. Moo!
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    Late reply, but this dude seems very sus. He was on today but was playing under the name "ODS|d0n". He changes his name quite frequently but his playing style is very recognizable, constantly switching weapons, aim shifts randomly, etc. Its definitely the same person because he always types a black and yellow smiley in the chat. Here's a demo I captured today. I believe JD was speccing him too. ODS|d0n.dm_1
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    Maybe if you value playing on our server, you shouldn't show constant disrespect towards admins. If you consider me saying "nerd :p", after you dropped 100 kills in a match, as harassment then you should probably stay off of the internet. Anyone else would have taken it as a compliment or just said "lol" and not give it another thought. I even apologized for that after you brought it up in a later match. Your response to this was something along the lines of "at least you admitted you were wrong". So let's get to the actual reason I banned you. I asked you to stop complaining about campers and play the game. Camping is allowed on this server. Since you are quick to claim your status a regular, you should know this. No one wants to hear you complaining about it. And you complain about it a LOT. 16:21 AK|Tamsko|A that's gay .. 16:31 AK|Tamsko|A so many camps ... 16:32 AK|Tamsko|A playing a game for hours .. 16:32 AK|Tamsko|A all that just to sat in corners ? You called me a "sore loser" after I pointed out the fact that you also camped for most of your kills that match. I didn't say anything to you about your playstyle until that point. 16:32 AK|Tamsko|A you're a sore loser lying ! 16:33 AK|Tamsko|A beein a sore loser is beeing a sore loser :) 16:35 AK|Tamsko|A camper sore losers .. This was your response after I told you to stop complaining and play the game. 16:35 AK|Tamsko|A idc .. You had a relatively peaceful game the next round, besides trying to say that I was harassing you for saying "nerd :p" and pointed out the fact that you needed to stop your repeated crying about campers. The next round, Vacant, you joined the team that I was on. It was 5v4. I switched teams. You swapped teams with me. People were still joining in, but for a brief moment I believe it was 6v3. I instructed you to not do that, as I was attempting to balance the gameplay. Not everyone who plays a 10 year old game is good. There were multiple players on the other team that I expected to leave if the teams weren't balanced. You and I on the same team would have caused an imbalance in skill. I don't play this game to empty the server that I help administrate and I'm not going to be disrespected when trying to help give people an enjoyable gameplay experience. 16:51 NJA- myth if you're going to start stacking teams then i'll just give you a break for the night 16:52 AK|Tamsko|A you switched first mate :) 16:52 NJA- myth yeah, but i wasn't stacking. 16:52 NJA- myth literally my job as an admin to try to balance teams 16:52 AK|Tamsko|A it was 4v5 .. You switched to 5v4 ... 16:53 NJA- myth i'm getting sick of arguing with you. i gave you multiple warnings already. either get with the program or leave 16:53 AK|Tamsko|A hahah 16:53 AK|Tamsko|A you're on your periods . You could have just said "ok" here. Even if I was in the wrong, and I wouldn't have banned you. But I'm not about to let someone tell me I'm on my "period" because of their own mistake. You have received over 32 warnings and/or temp bans for language and complaining about camping. Here's some snippits of why I don't think the ban will be going away. The irony of your claims is so ridiculous considering that your chat logs mainly consist of you berating your teammates and being a general nuisance to the population of our server. Monday, 08/17/2020 (18:08)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:it's called CAN YOU STFU FOR ONE ROUND ? Monday, 08/17/2020 (18:11)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:second .. STFU SORE LOSER Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:17)AK|Tamsko|A [TEAM]: 2GET OUT OF SPAWNS YOU MORRONS Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:18)AK|Tamsko|A [TEAM]: 2NED GET THE F OUT OF SPAWN Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:19)AK|Tamsko|A [TEAM]: 2idiot Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:23)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:learn to get the F out of sapwns .. Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:24)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:not u Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:24)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:my team ... Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:24)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:dies in spawns.. Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:31)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:i need poeple on my team with positive ratio PLZ Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:39)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:70+ kills.. end up losing anyway I could go on. There's a lot more. Mainly consisting of comments like those above, or you ironically spamming your bind to stop talking. You know, this one: Monday, 08/17/2020 (19:52)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:If you want to talk, do it on ^6FB...^7 This is ^0COD4 ! ^1YOU MORRON ! Monday, 08/17/2020 (18:39)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:List of server that banned me : One sri lanka snip only / H4X TDM server / AK server (twice) and one Japanese SnD server ^ You can add one. Net-Jam.
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    This one multitasks... he hacks and sucks both at the sametime. &-&.dm_1
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    Join us Friday, June 5 at 7:00pm Pacific for Fight Night! Teamspeak, CoD4, and custom game modes including: GunGame Progress through a series of weapons and be the first to get a knife kill to win!
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    We are instating a new policy to limit camping, with Camping Permits. From this day* forward, you will be required to purchase a Permit if you don't wish to be harassed and "camp shamed" for your "life choices". Permits: $10.00 - 1 Month Camping Permit $17.50 - 2 Month Camping Permit $25.00 - 3 Month Camping Permit $45.00 - 6 Month Camping Permit $80.00 - 12 Month Camping Permit $150.00 - Lifetime Camping Permit Paypal link. *April 1st
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    Our Teamspeak IP has changed to: ts3.net-jam.com Update your bookmarks accordingly.
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    We are now accepting Members! So if you would like to join us, you can apply here.
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