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    Thank you for your selection of NJ-Rycse. Due to the current world pandemic we are spread a little thin. you wait time may be longer than previously advertised. Thank you for choosing Net-Jam HR for all your HR needs. Please feel free to contact us should you require any assistance transitioning in this time of need.
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    Killstreaks are broken! Stupid admins, fix them! No. They're not broken and they're not going back to the way they were. Why change them now after all these years? Because now is when it happened. What actually changed is that Killstreaks no longer feed into future Killstreaks. Meaning that kills from an airstrike no longer count toward a Helicopter, or Helis to airstrikes or UAVs etc, etc... Gunplay gets Killstreaks. This was done for the same reason we removed the 3xGrenade perk. The server isn't meant to be meat-grinding rape machine. So your days of chaining airstrikes on Bog are a thing of the past. If you think beyond your own KDR and about gameplay, it makes sense. But the people complaining about the changes are probably too busy camping spawns to bother themselves with something like the concept of a fair and balanced game. Complain below.
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    I've never seen a ban appeal fail so miserably, and so quickly. Hikari, you have zero respect for the playerbase, the server, Net-Jam, and from what it sounds like, yourself. Constantly loading in the server, typing literal crap before being kicked, then completing this cycle on rotation is getting you nowhere. Just go, know that you're no longer welcome here and get on with your life. Also, how does typing this crap get your rocks off? Monday, 12/20/2021 (18:26)Hikari Nozomi LuNaR, unban me please, you gay lover! =) 17:09:44 Hikari Nozomi: LuNaR, you gay loving retard! When are you gonna unban me, you idiot? =) Like seriously? How low of a life do you have to degrade yourself to constant trolling of a server on a 14 year old game? I swear, this game is older than you, or it's older than your maturity.
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    Hi Flaco this is my Wife and I, son's tattoo. He got it two months ago. His handle on line is Chooken. Still trying to get mu Wife to let me get some.
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    These screenshots are extremely misleading, there isn't a single flying corpse in any of them. G1
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    I for one love how fair and just our admins are on banning. Something I'm super proud of to be a part of. There's this one player (i will not name) that lots of players dislike, including many admins/mods because of his dirty tactics: spawn camp/kill with rpd. Many, many players accuse him hacks. Many players, including our very own admin sus and reported/record demo of him. I and 2 other admins watch 1 of the demo over and over and debated if he's hacking. The demo looks very fishy. After 30 mins of debating, we concluded there wasnt enough evidence that he was hacking. Even though we all dislike the player, and I personally wanted to find reason to remove him, we didnt ban him. I mean who the hell spend 30 mins to review demos to be fair and just. I mean, we all have fucking jobs to do, kids to feed and beat up you know. Anyhow, why the hell did I even write this.
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    Not positive, but possibly "blow" means "are good" where ALL come from. From the wind to mutual celebrations I don't see the mention as anything, but a compliment to the administration of the server(s) and the forums. If anyone should be insulted it is DDR. Gumm did a top notch job of that with a slam dunk in emotional manipulation in almost every phrase. XD Jarod, I think you should log in under a different name and get behind this...."cuntbag" and record some of this cheating eidt*. Posting this sort of thing in Completely Off-Topic seems way too topical and it will only make you friends.
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    i am still here....
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    *Spin*, *spin*, *spin*, "whoah where am I", "oh", *correct*, boom trick-shot. Thread purged of the gay.
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    Then I would suggest purchasing a copy of the game. You wouldn't run into these types of issues.
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    fellas, fellas. I'm just trying to show off some mediocre trickshots here.
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    Yes and I just extended it another 10 years because I had the displeasure of seeing the name in the forums.
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    That is genuinely the most appropriate and hilarious thing you have ever posted, and actually made me laugh. I am impressed.
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    No demo attached, no action will likely be taken here. Multiple 'how to record demos' in the NJ forums and all the instructions are in Gryphus's posting which is always the first message at the top of THIS forum (The 'READ' this first post). It's like you were handed the keys to any Hyundai in the parking lot, but you still went for the 'Yugo'! J/K - just learn how to record and post demos - it's easy! Turbo
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    No recording?
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    Maybe because you are playing the wrong game? Unless, of course, you really are playing ARK - the game where you posted your message on the forum. Not answering your question, just trying to stir things up. Moo!
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    I finally joined the 'new' forums (yes, I'm that NJ Turbo (mascot)). In the past, I went on a stint for a few months or so and was recording demo after demo while in spectator mode to record 'suspected' players and I recall, I was to the point where I got pretty good at doing it without 'alarming' the suspect. One strategy I'd employ was to start playing for a while once initially joining the server. After a short while, I'd start the recording while I was still playing. Then I'd go spectate then proceed to wait for a good 'window of opportunity' to settle in on the suspect players view. Sometimes I'd go spectate then settle in on the suspect player's view but I would only start the recording just as soon as the suspect player 'died'. Why? Because over time, I learned that recording someone presents that player with a certain amount of additional lag. So it comes down to common sense that that lag would be 'felt' right away if said player was in the middle of running or firing the weapon. Didn't seem to alarm the suspect player when starting the recording during the suspect player's transition of dying and respawning. It's easily googled but I found that the internet spots out there are very old and most were missing 1 or 2 key points about the process. My goal here is to empower the regular players with a way to record suspect player's gameplay then proceed to review that gameplay offline, then give players the option to post that demo along with a report of a suspect player to Net Jam's Report forums. It can be time consuming and I didn't think it was 'fun', but it made me feel pretty positive whenever one of my reports and demos managed to get a suspect player banned. Alas, the steps: 1) Using COD4 'console' is required for this to work. Access the main menu or press ESC in-game. Click Options --> Game Options and activate the console. 2) Activate the console in-game by pressing key '~', press ESC to exit console 3) Enter "/record" into the console to start recording a demo. To give the demo a specific filename, use "/record DEMONAME" instead. (without the double quotes) 4) Top stop the recording, enter "/stoprecord" into the console. (without the double quotes) 5) The recording will go into the \main\demos folder off the main Call of Duty 4 folder 6) To watch the demos COD4 will not find the demo filename where it recorded it (doh!), instead - follow these steps: - MOVE or COPY recorded demo file into \Call of Duty 4\Mods\ModWarfare\demos (make 'demos' folder manually if not there already) - Launch game then load mod 'ModWarfare' - Enter /demo DEMONAME into the console. (NOTE: you do not need to add the file extension of the overall filename, just the name before the 'dot') - enter 'quit' into console to exit demo playback and go back to desktop NJ Admins are very detailed oriented when reviewing these. If there is ANY doubt from yourself, then a ban will most likely not occur by an admin reviewing the demo later. You will want to really be sure before posting a demo and reporting a player and not waste the admin's time. Lastly, I made shortcuts to both the default recording location (\main\demos) AND the playback folder (\Call of Duty 4\Mods\ModWarfare\demos) on my desktop so I can easily manage the demos quickly. Turbo
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    Other optional suggestions (via teamspeak): Killstreak replacements: 3 Killstreak = Personal UAV 5 Killstreak = Disabled 7 Killstreak = Team UAV When less than 6 players present map change randomly can enable FFA mode instead of team deathmatch on a smaller map
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    Little late to the party but I would love to see a bolts only server! Back in the day I used to play on FF Bolts which had a big following. The configuration was as follows: Only the M403A and R700 are allowed No secondary No airstrikes or UAVs (would be great if you could continue getting UAVs at higher killstreaks to replace) No Knifing No flash bangs, grenades, stuns, or any explosives. Only smoke grenades allowed. Team deathmatch Small maps like Kill house and Shipment should be part of rotation - super fun to force people to learn to quickscope. I think this would be a super fun gamemode to bring back! I know a few old bolts players would stick around to populate the server.
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    I don't see anyone in the Net-Jam community constantly calling people "cunts" in the server. You're degrading the server every time you're on. Seriously, just shut up and play the game (well, I guess you're kinda forced to do this now LOL). Really nice of you to bring up immaturity. Complaining and name-calling every time you're on the server shows real maturity.
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    Lunar and Yoshi just became verbs!
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    Call me Kylo Ren because MOOOAR! MOOOOOOOAAAAAAAR!!! There's supposed to be a samurai in the last one but it didn't turn out so great omegalel
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    Indubitably my good sir. We shall rewind and enhance with all possible haste until we are able to nail the little bugger for something. I'm quite certain if we gents rub our noggins together some nefarious deed will appear. No doubt! Good day.
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    FRIMFRAM, I banned you for the content that you can see attached. I take a dim view of anyone who allows their moral compass to be so easily affected by their workload and state of intoxication. Get some standards and live by them. After looking at your appeal and the perplexing images that accompanied it, I have lifted your ban. Consider this your last warning. Boards
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    It is known as, "the chinchilla tug" and it's kinda special! I'll never forget. Yoshi is very special too and knowing each other in a biblical way is something we share. I'm proud that we can talk about it openly now.
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    If you use or have used the CoD4 client modification called CoD4X (CoD4 "1.8" and higher) we recommend in the strongest possible terms completely deleting your CoD4 install and re-installing from a clean source such as Steam (a note for downloading from Steam). The CoD4X client is a privately made, closed-source client which is forced onto your computer when you connect to any CoD4 server running the server version "1.8" and higher. If you're prompted to "Auto-Update" it means you've already been compromised. While there are a lot of pros to the client (Longer client names, backup master server lists, better anti-cheat features, better client ID's and more), it's dangerously invasive. It gives the creator full access to your computer, your files, programs, all of it. They've spread their modified client via unwitting servers like malware, putting themselves in a position of immense power. After their software reached a saturation point they were happy with, they started forcing updates. Now they even filter out servers not running their software from showing in the server-list of their modified client. We could go on, but that's the gist. Good concept, with very shady execution. While we can only recommend that you don't use it, a good rule of thumb is to treat your computer like your butt, never give strangers backdoor access. Questions
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    After 5 years of dating, I finally popped the question. She said yes!
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    I've taken no sides. You two do realize that I can read the chatlogs right? I've read your little lovers spats and aside from being mildly amusing, it's innocuous. Tac, you came here crying foul and giving us English lessons. You then proceed to insinuate to me via that PM that we give people who donate to us preferential treatment. So yeah, I am going to take a sarcastic tone with two children squabbling in a videogame. Maybe you both could just silently take solace from shooting each other in the face from now on. However since nothing I say will dissuade you anyway. Keep in mind that if you two continue to escalate and become disruptive to other players, we will take action against both of you. Now gentlemen, if that's all I'll be going back to sarcastically watching you two take pot-shots at each other.
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    Anything to pull those annoying snipers off the regular server ;P
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    Merry Christmas bois, figured I'd share some of my art as a Christmas gift
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    This player has been banned for Aimbot. Thanks for the report Petty!
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    Thanks for joining everyone! It was a blast and we got to beta-test a new gamemode! @SqshyYoshi@Boards@Gryphus_1@LuNaR@grave00@thecreepycrow@Rattle@Cow@ZoTe@arce @bdesit @bdebagsecured @qcstealth@Quiet@Rice@Tucker@freedomwaffle @MrMarksy@sbjoker
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    Thanks everyone for joining fight night last night! @Gryphus_1@Cyph3r@Boards@grave00@freedomwaffle @TurboX@ScareCrow@qcstealth@Cow@DZPRain @arce @Rice@ZoTe@whippr@Tootnoots@FLACOBLANCO@mustardgas
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    look forward to tomorrow as well? New website looks great too guys.
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    Join us Friday, June 5 at 7:00pm Pacific for Fight Night! Teamspeak, CoD4, and custom game modes including: GunGame Progress through a series of weapons and be the first to get a knife kill to win!
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    Weird one— seemed to me to be a noob using wall hacks. He couldn’t play well despite it all, but his pre-aiming and tracking through walls on the kills he did get got me looking. The first half of the demo is the end of chinatown— and the kills seemed to be rather suspicious. The second half of the demo is much less fruitful— he tried sniping on wetwork and got slaughtered by a rather riled up Bob Ross. Nevertheless, his odd behavior on wetwork (shooting at specific locations on the crates and walls) suggested to me that he was trying to snipe players through these fixtures and wasn’t aware that the players were hidden or unable to be wallbanged from there. Fortunately I am not the ultimate judge. Thanks for looking! rebex.dm_1
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    A few points, We've had some issues in the past that ended up with us just banning advertizing of any kind for anything. It's in the rules and has been for 9 years. If we don't stay hard-nosed on this we get accused of double standards. While it seems Lunar has made his feelings towards you clear, you're free to talk in the server lol. We're not going to ban you for having an opinion. This was a special case, and wouldn't have happened without the coinciding GUID weirdness. As far as Pettybone goes. There are any number of explanations for that twitching and the fact that it's a killcam doesn't help. It's nice dealing with someone who can form complete sentences, so thanks for that.
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    Hey turbo the snail, arce, babygirl, and anyone else who wanted to see this. I nearly got myself killed up there so hopefully you guys (and maybe grills?) enjoy ahah. imgur Gallery
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    Yeah I've heard stories of the iron rods that they use to clean road rash and to test if the nerves still work So that mower pretty much shredded your tendons and elbow huh? Damn and you're still playing the game? That's dedication right there
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    Our Teamspeak IP has changed to: ts3.net-jam.com Update your bookmarks accordingly.
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