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    Well, since you're continuing to be arrogant and disrespectful lets break things down shall we? In the single day you graced us with your presence, (a total online time of 4 hours and 23 minutes) you managed to put out 378 chat messages containing 2332 words across them. During the 23 rounds you played, you managed to get 216 kills averaging 9 kills per game. Now with kills per game that low, you were either doing some oddly ineffective camping, or an awful lot of typing. Not that we discourage banter or light conversation, to the contrary, we encourage it. However, CoD4 is still a game meant to be played competitively, not a chatroom, we have a TeamSpeak server for that (when you said "id be on team speak but noone is on" there were 15 people online, myself included). So when things get excessive and become a detriment to gameplay we will ask players to tone it back and as with anything else if they don't comply actions will be taken. We do also have a rule about spam as I explained previously but since the definition of spam seems to be in-question lets clear that up as well. Spam: To flood any chat forum or Internet game with purposefully annoying text or macros. Source dictionary.reference.com, under Spam in Technology, definition number 5. Annoying of course being relative. In this case, annoying in sheer quantity if not content, but then that would be relative as well. A word you seem determined to ignore is 'temp'. A temp ban is a temporary removal from the game for the time specified, in this case 1 hour, after which you're able to rejoin. Your 1 hour temp ban is long since up. If you would like to rejoin you're more than welcome to do so, provided of course you use chat a bit more modestly. If you're displeased in the way one of our Moderators or Admins has acted or carried out their duties we welcome you to report them to any Senior Admin via proper channels, not by hijacking another forum topic for your own purposes. As far as our Staff not knowing our rules, that seems to be a rather bold assumption of understanding them yourself, as you viewed them exactly once. It is against our policy to manually delete user accounts. You are quite capable of removing your own site account actually, it's a very simple process. I wouldn't want to make unintentional insinuations about intelligence so I'll refrain from giving you directions. If you feel what I've said has been patronizing I apologize, I merely handled the situation as I would any other raging temper-tantrum. As for being jokers, we do take pride in our sense of humor, it's kind of you to notice. G1 -Senior Admin of Minute Community
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