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Ban Appeal from 2018 on Net-Jam Hardcore.com

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I would like to appeal a ban from back in 2018 I believe it was, under the alias Christian. I am aware that there was a substantial amount of language and slurs involved but don't recall the exact circumstances.

I am a very skilled player, and would constantly have people accuse me of hacking and walling, which I never have, but that certainly got under my skin. I have played the game since it's inception and just know it well. But as for the language and abuse, it's no excuse to be sure!

I am sincerely sorry for my behavior and for offending other players with my words (as I am sure I did). I can only say that I chose to let my competitive nature overrule my better judgement. I promise it will not happen again, should I be allowed back onto the server. It is just a game, and I can say that after 6 years away, I have changed for the better and am not the same person I was then.


I look forward to playing again, should you afford me the opportunity!


Best Regards,


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Looking back at your chatlogs, I think it was me who banned you. You were a real piece of shit.

Given the time that's passed I'll give you another shot. Just be warned you're on a shorter leash than we would usually give. So I sincerely hope you've changed.

Also, based on your past warnings let me remind you that we don't allow anything that gets you out of the skybox. So best to just avoid elevators.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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I don't disagree with that assessment, and again, promise to do better! And yeah I did love elevators lol Won't do glitches like that. I appreciate your generosity!!

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