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Forever WH

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Before posting I confronted him a few times before (not only me as I asked few people on server) and suddenly he started to shoot random walls without kills. Also always when the game ends he goes to spectate or reconnect, so noone can see his score, like its not visible for a whole game xD My starter was that I was prefired many times although i was using UAV Jammer and Dead silence.. I can get some more clips in some time from other players on email as we talked about him, or If they read this they can post it here.

If I am wrong, then Im sorry to Forever, but If Im not then...


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Please read the pinned post at the top of the forum "READ BEFORE POSTING" and you will find why you aren't getting a response. If you follow the procedure, we may be able to do something, otherwise...

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-We require evidence of cheating.    -Video posted
-We will not ban off of Killcam.    -No killcam clips

-We prefer demo files (.dm_1). If you want to upload a video, keep it small, or upload it elsewhere and post a link.    -cant open the link for "how to record demos", but I shared link to video, that works with no issue. I know that .dm_1 format is preffered, but its not a demand.

-Include the full name of the player in your post, along with time and date they were seen. Accuracy is important.    -I did all of this.


Am I missing something?


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No, you are right, we can issues bans for recordings. Your recording is very heavily edited, basically showing the points that he is making the kills. Sure, some of those look susp, but they are out of context. Did he just respawn and see some locations on kill cam? Did he have UAV active (can't tell because the edited cut is too short to show any teammates calling UAV)? Many of his kills are common choke points and lots of good players will fire at them listening for hit markers. If you are going to post a video instead of a recording, it really should show full game play.

Not sure why you can't record a demo, it is a basic ability of the game. You just need to find your console bind key, defaulting to [`] (top left of a standard US keyboard) and then follow the commands to record. It is the easiest method for us to use. Here is a link to a description of the process from another forum post:

We will keep an eye out for the player and see if we make any observations on our end. We appreciate your efforts, and I am not trying to diminish them. We don't take banning lightly and want to be sure before we remove somebody from the game on our servers.


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Alright, thanks for response that makes sense. I didnt record demo, because I was recording it just for me in the first place, but then I realized why not put it here. I was trying to make it as short as possible, but you are right, that its hard to decide like this. Will try get some better material, but I dont meet him so often lately.

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