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General Play Questions from a Pseudo-Vet Player base on a recorded and NON-REPORTED demo

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NOTE:  This is not a REPORT.  If it was, I would have posted it in the appropriate forum.  I am not too long in this world, so I figured what the hell, I have a few pending questions, might as well ask the forum.

Based on the attached demo for player 'R4bb1t' 

- Noticed the player's high ping.  Watching the player play, it seems like the player is reacting and moving/firing at a speed which I am accustomed to being from the low to very low ping players.  What settings in-game or config file-wise did this player make to make for such a quick reacting gameplay environment?

- Sometime into the recording the player is outside then fires at an enemy.  From my perception, it seemed like the player's bullet path was slightly behind the enemy player yet the enemy player went down.  Question is: How would I be able to tell the difference between when it's an Aim Assist versus a lag situation?  Is it maybe because the enemy player's ping was low, the recorded player's ping high = COD4 net engine awards the higher ping player?  Since my own ping is VERY low, and even though I am watching it live (not cam), could it be that my eyes are being tricked versus how the cod4 net engine is actually handling it?

That's it folks, no 20 questions (this time) lol




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BTW this post is not about some kind of entrapment ploy or other trick.  I am one of the demo recording players that have many successful reports to ban posts in the Reports forum.  I just wanted to fill in a couple knowledge gaps to become a better Reports poster because my last couple of Reports did not result in a ban.  Hence, to be a better reporter I guess... thanks

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Hey Turbs,

I think @LuNaR would probably be best to answer your questions, but I have some guesses based on prior conversations. The lag model (as frustrating as it may be for low ping players) seems to be that the server awards hits based on where both players (regardless of lag) were at the time the weapon was fired. Due to high vs low ping latency, notification may be presented as a hit (or death for kill shots) to the low ping player as several steps beyond where the action actually took place. Personally, I hate making it through a lane and then two steps later finding out I was shot by somebody. It feels like laggy players are getting rewarded, but if positioning is truly presented equally among all player and the button click for firing a gun is based on who did it first, I guess it is fair (or as fair as can be assuming this model). Observers will have the same view - low ping possibly seeing a shot that doesn't line up with the gun & player at the time you see the death.

Aimbots can be pretty easy to see. The most obvious are the ones that snap to a player, even more obvious when it is a head shot each time - especially through walls with deep penetration. Less obvious are the players that are a little more savvy or using a "better" bot. Some bots can be set to not head shoot, or limited to some percentage of them (deferring to body shots for the others). Usually, watching long enough, you can start to see patterns. Players like Hype that constantly get reported have the advantage of playing on a game controller and being very adept at it. Get the height just right and it is just a slight toggle on the left / right joystick and boom. Watch him enough, and you will see his POV sliding left and right as he makes his shots.

I suspect the biggest problems to track are the wall hackers, but even then there are clues to watch for. How often do they ADS before a player rounds the corner. Watching a recording with COD4Player, you can turn on boxes to see positions of players before they round the corner and control the playback speed. If there is a consistent ADS at distance (i.e. no sound warnings or the other player making obvious shots), you might have somebody walling. If we (as admins & mods) aren't sure, we typically post the recordings for peer review before taking action.

For me, the most difficult to nail are those who have replacement skins (i.e. opfor as bright pink). There are so many settings to tweak your display settings that are legal (full bright, limiting landscape for grass, smoke density/shading ...) that it can be very tricky to track a cheat like this. I leave that to the big boi(s) to bring the hammer down

I haven't had the time to review your recording, but this is my "more than two cents" feedback for ya. Other folks my have more feedback or correct my info.


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Thanks for taking the time for the explanations Cow, very helpful!


I do have COD4Player but have rarely used it.  In fact I totally forgot about those 'boxes' to check "....Watching a recording with COD4Player, you can turn on boxes to see positions of players before they round the corner and control the playback speed"  Thanks so much for the info on that and explaining the observations you've made.  I totally agree that the game does tend to award the high pinger in many cases but you're right, fair is fair and it doesn't happen very much (to me at least).

Right after my posts, I did record an Aim Botter yesterday and it was obvious.  I posted the demo to support the auto-ban that finally occurred.  I was just about to record a 2nd suspect (also ABing) and that player left by the time I came back from posting the demo LOL.


Take care - MOO!


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