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Rice - for posterity and for your information


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Hi I added this to the post about Rice but it was removed I see.    FYI this was one of three demos I was working on.   This captured Rice hacking.   For info only as I only just saw his banning the other day.


Date was 9-Feb-2023.     



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Hey there, just an FYI that I downloaded the demo but was unable to get it to play.  I tried both thru the player and through the manual method.  Then I reloaded some older demos I had and those still worked.



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Hi Rotok,


All this time I never realized the name you use in here is spelled in reverse of your in-game name.  *face palm* LOL  Sorry, I don't always notice these things right away.


Yep - the 2nd demo works.  M16 silenced, what an interesting choice.  The reason I don't see that config being used much is that I sort of recall that gun not being very accurate.  :classic_biggrin:




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So I just tried using the M14 Silenced in-game... I noticed whenever I would single fire slowly or quickly in rapid succesion, the gun jumps quite a bit - lots of recoil for a silenced weapon unlike, for example, an M4 silenced which has virtually no recoil.  This reminded me of why I prefer to use the G3 silenced config.  I also let a clips worth loose without aiming down the sight and observed the 'wide circle' of where each bullet was going... inaccurate indeed.  Verly Interlesting!



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