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how to get an admin


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Hi Shazzam,  in player chat (team chat to be specific), just do like this example:  "!report [player name] wall hack and no recoil"  or whatever short description fits what the suspect is doing.  Keep in mind, a lot of seasoned players know the maps so well in conjunction to UAV that they are spraying through walls and racking up kills.  This would not be the same as wall hacking where a player using some 3rd party cheats can literally 'see' the players through the walls.  Sometimes that falls into a gray area... I do some kind of direct fire in bog from behind a dumpster because I studied and know a great chokepoint by firing at a certain angle through the fence.  Players once reported me but I was able to demonstrate how I consistently do it and 97.65223% of the time I am just wasting bullets.  OK I made that percentage up but you get what I mean I think - lol.

Admins are popping into server control and are often lurking there and may see it.  OR record the demos and post them here then a admin will review the demo at some point and decide the course of action based off it.  Note, demo has to be the one you record in game while spectating the other player in question.  It can't be like a youtube video for example.



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