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Claymore issues


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Sometimes I camp close to a clay and sometimes I plant them and move on. Something I have experience in the last few weeks is clays just going off as if something trips them but there is nothing around. They go click and explode exactly like someone passed in front of them. They are not being shot as when shot they just explode. I also experienced my own clays killing me when I would back in a corner to plant them and then exit across them only to hear the click and then be killed.  And a new one I experienced today is them going off after you leave the game. I had 2 clays planted on Broadcast and went to spectate and about a minute into spectate it showed on the screen that I had killed XXXX just as if I was still in game. I went back in game just to see my kill count and it showed the kill.  I have never heard a clay just click and explode when it is just sitting and not being tripped to activate it. Is there some sort of new hack causing this or just some weird glitch?



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I have to revisit this. I have been very particular about my clay placement and my attention to their activation. I have experienced them just exploding which I can see as a glitch. I haven't had any explode on me when I passed in front of them since my last post. What I am experiencing is they are clicking and exploding when an enemy is close but not in an area that will activate them. As an example, that I just experienced on Crash. I was on the top floor of the big building with a clay planted about halfway down the steps. I was on the small landing watching down the steps. My clay clicked and then the opponent came into the stairwell from the roof and killed me. No one was ever near the stairs on the second floor. Click, Boom and shot from above 2 or 3 seconds later. I have never experienced this until lately. It seems that there is something that sets them off remotely in a hack program. 

Just my observation of events. They just don't add up. Every time one goes click and explodes without the enemy tripping it directly, the enemy appears from a different direction. I know how to cheat them in a door opening and, in a stair, but this is not what is happening. 

And I just realized that I hadn't thanked Gryphus for his original reply. Sorry about that. Thank you!

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