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Arce: Hello World / Thank you PIG.


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Hello everyone/NJ clansters and to whom It may concern or is curious about it.

Regarding to my current in game allowances:

I suppose that putting me in disadvantage (eliminating the possibility for me to use the RPG) with respect to the other players is because the appreciation of one or two administrators is that I deserve it. I'm not going to discuss it because that's not my decision but I don't think it hurts to mention what I think about it even if one ore more don't care about it. I used the RPG for years in the same way and never received a warning for it and besides that I continued using it because many times I was told by other administrators that they had no problem with it when I asked them about it. With the RPG you can only fire 2 times so I don't see how it can compare to any other primary weapon. Oh well. Perhaps the rule regarding the use of the RPG I did not understand correctly. No player likes to be killed with the RPG, or any other weapon. I suppose that because I killed the same administrator several times in a row, he was annoyed that it was with the RPG and that is why, I believe, the next day the game was modified so that NO ONE could use the RPG, to which I thought that it was not the fault of the others if that was the case letting him know about it, so later the RPG only was disabled only for me (now I am the only one paying for my crimes, fair enough). To several of the regular players who asked me about it days later wanting to know why I was no longer using an RPG, I told them that this was because the administrator was annoyed that I killed him several times with the RPG, referring to that administrator (changing his nickname) with the prefix CRY. I know that the texts are saved in the logs but I didn't think it would bother him since he was laughing and joking at me one or few days before along with at least one other player, in addition to the fact that countless times even some members of the NJ clan have changed my Nickname for one that could be considered offensive or uncomfortable or they have referred to me with other "funny" nicknames (arce flute, arse, ass, etc) for which I was confident I was allowed to use the CRY suffix when referring to the administrator who felt offended and I suppose that he was the one who also restricted me after the possibility of using the in-game text. I am not requesting that the restrictions be removed because I do not believe that I have to do so due to the above. As I said before, that is not my decision. Maybe he is right, maybe not. Maybe he wanted to give me a temporary lesson, I don't know. I was never given a word about it, maybe is not even necesary to/for a regular player.

I already know that the server is not mine nor that my interpretation of the rules or the interaction with the other administrators should have made me believe that I could be bullied but not the opposite. I can be an uncomfortable person for some peps but I don't like to offend people for fun (I only do it in return or as a self-defense alternative), so if I offended any of the NJ clan members/players, I apologize.

It goes without saying that even with the disadvantage I currently have as a player, I'm still enjoying your server and, without that being my goal, showing some of those who constantly criticized me for using the RPG by telling me that without the RPG I couldn't beat them. or that I couldn't have a good score without using the RPG that still many times I have better results than them. To the moderator who has suggested several times that I come to the forum to "resolve the situation" I thank you for showing interest in me as a player without even knowing me as a person, I appreciate that, thank you PIG. And it is because of those PIG's suggestions that I came to expose the above (with the aid of google trnslator, I hope I've made sense). Greetings and thanks for allowing me to continue playing on your server.

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I for one like you as a player, enjoy your present on the server and think you are a net positive to server.

Also, I'm one of the guilty one of renaming you to Ass and Arse (I think, XD, my memory is shit) just for giggles, no harm meant.

I hope whatever problem between you and the admin/s could resolve. I believe our admins is very, very fair, cool, and just.

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Let's go one by one, shall we?

The RPG in Hardcore CoD4 in general, much-less our server, is a meme-machine. Nothing more. Any disadvantage you find yourself in is a mental one.

You say you're not going to discuss your RPG situation, yet the bulk of your post is directly about just that.

The RPG rule isn't something new. It's been in place and enforced longer than you've been playing here. You have been warned about your use of them and even kicked more times than I could list. You've even been warned about it verbally in Teamspeak, by me. So don't you dare pretend like you didn't know or understand the rule.

Your RPG use has increased dramatically over the years. Someone telling you that your occasional use was ok years ago doesn't apply to your absurd use of them today. A point that was made abundantly clear to you, as I mentioned.

You thought I was offended at your referring to me as "Cryphus"? I muted you in-game because after you were done crying to anyone who would listen with your fairy-tale about why you lost your RPGs, you started bragging about how you could supposedly circumvent the ban whenever you wanted. Thinking about it now, I should have just banned you then and there.

Regarding your "game allowances"; what you and so many others fail to understand is that removing your in-game chat or in your case the RPG, is us being kind, allowing you to still enjoy the game. There was a time when our options for dealing with problematic players were limited to kicking and banning. If you would prefer to be banned out-right it's still on the table.

I do love this part. You decided that because you killed me several times in one game, that I threw a tantrum and removed RPGs. But then, after seeing the anguish of the people, all suffering for your alleged sins, you interceded and had it changed to just punish you. I thought I had seen the limit of your conceited self-righteous arrogance but you remain surprising.

A few quick points before you try and dispute your RPG usage. 35% of all your kills in the server were with RPGs. Which is more than 7 times greater than the next highest. Following the loss of RPGs, your playtime plummeted and has yet to recover.

You posted this in the Ban Appeals forum. This isn't an appeal, it's an announcement for others to know how indignantly you feel you've been treated since you can no longer tell them yourself in-game. You know me well enough to know how this song and dance would end. Which begs the question of why you tried. Victim-hood doesn't suit you.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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- Removing from me the RPG perk or the ability to chat doesn't puts me in disadvantage from your point of view?
According to Oxford dictionary: "Disadvantage: (noun) an unfavorable circumstance or condition that reduces the chances of success or effectiveness." "(verb) place in an unfavorable position in relation to someone or something else' (no mention to anything related to mental. Maybe Oxford dictionary needs a revision).

- I wrote: "the appreciation of one or two administrators is that I deserve it. I'm not going to discuss it"
A1- According to Oxford: "(verb) to talk about something with somebody, especially in order to decide something." I wasn't discussing with somebody in order to decide something (That is what I believed), but:
A2- According to Oxford too: "(verb) to write or talk about something in detail, showing the different ideas and opinions about it". Your reply: "You say you're not going to discuss your RPG situation, yet the bulk of your post is directly about just that." makes my post to fit here, no doubt about it. I must say you are right, or more accurately: I was wrong.

- Responding to those who asked why no more RPG for me is crying?
Please let me know how I was supposed to respond to not be seen as crying by you.

- My playtime plummeted because a combination of the following (and more): I was having health issues (not mental :D although I was on meds) and I finally went to surgery last month; I restarted the task of ripping some of my vinyl records (and editing them once digitized), partially reorganized my digitized CD collection on my spare time when possible and started alternating my play time on other servers too. No need to say which server is my favorite, you guys should know already. Lots of nice guys on it (NJ members and regulars).Hio guys.

- I posted my previous post in the Ban Appeals forum because I wasn't sure where to post it. I know I am not perm banned and I thank you for that (yes, I am a thankful person too, not just a problematic player). I am a human being that makes mistakes too. Stating that I could circumvent the "ban", not bragging I must say, was one of those mistakes I made. Circumventing that restriction is possible (I'm sure you know it: using a new install and a new key code. I own several brand new COD4 packages with, of course, legit key codes with install DVD (5-7 bucks on eBay: attention Cracked Key users) but I will not do that. I even forget I typed that until I read your reply. Now I know what you were referring to when you said you can read logs. As you said: I know you well enough and I was expecting the same from you. You know how a joker and sarcastic I am so I wasn't expecting you or anyone else to believe I would circumvent the ban.

This is not an appeal? No. How can I appeal when you already made your mind?

I wish I could appeal if I had a chance? yes

I read on a ban appeal that this is not a democracy but an autocracy. I believe that banned guy's situation was lighter than mine (taking in account your previous reply to my post) and he was not unbanned.

Best regards.

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My statements were pretty unequivocal, but let's rehash them anyway.

The RPG serves no purpose in our context. As such any disadvantage you find yourself in is one imposed by you, which is, by definition a mental one. The dictionary needs no update, just your understanding.

The definition of crying and what constitutes it is semantics and I'm not going to debate it further.

Your flouting of a way around our ban systems is something I would usually use as grounds for a flat-out ban. Even in your apology(?) for it you expressly flout a way around it. If you think it's really that simple maybe we should test the theory. Your phrasing then and now would be difficult to construe as a joke. Given the circumstances I don't care if it was.

An appeal is by it's very definition is a request to change a decision/verdict. Perhaps you should look it up.

It's seldom that two ban appeals are the same, so assuming the outcome would be ill-advised. Especially since you're not banned. It's ironic as well that you mention something I said in an appeal where I did actually overturn my decision.

Once again, what was your purpose here? You've again stated it wasn't an appeal, which you thought you couldn't do. So what was it then?

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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In my first post I wrote "I don't think it hurts to mention what I think about it". That was my sole purpose back then. Maybe I should have posted it on the CoD4 Discussion thread?

You already clarified the reason for my current situation which I was not taking in account firstly. You don't know me enough to believe when I say it was a joke but you believed when I said I could supposedly circumvent the ban whenever I wanted? You don't think or care if it was a joke? I understand. Then I apologize for the circumvent the ban thing I said. According to your explanation or my interpretation of your response I now understand I went beyond the limits. I shouldn't have said that and will not happen again. I'll be cautious next time I want to make a joke that can be interpreted as to be against the rules.

I also mentioned on previous post: "How can I appeal when you already made your mind?" But I am not sure that's true now after reading and "understanding" your last post (google translator is not 100% accurate sometimes). Maybe in a near future you can relief or relax my punishment? Lesson learned.

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