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Voting system possible?

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Some kind of automated voting on the server for the times when there are a small number of players on and one of those large 'sniper' maps loads in.  I know these kind of things can be easily abused so the script logic should also contain perhaps a limit of # of times per map a vote could be initiated (twice per map round...), must be initiated by a registered user, maybe a successful 'yes' to load in another map from a list from at least 80% majority so for 10 people, 8 would have to vote yes.


!listmaps  (lists all the maps server hosts along with a number value)

!vote map 1

Players would just type !vote yes or !vote no.


Happy Thanksgiving.

Lurkey Turkey Turbo


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I should've put this in the suggestions forum... Oh well :classic_laugh:

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 A voting system of any kind is not happening.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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