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"Dust Devil Rage" Is a homosexual cuntbag

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He decides to use Satan as his god and it works for him. Of course it does. Little cuntbag doesn't know life. Hope he's looking forward to the day he dies and goes straight to Hell forever. I sure am. He's a jobless cuck who enjoys a sad life of monotony, masking his suicidal thoughts with a candid cunt act. He can go fuck himself three times, and then a fourth after he jumps off a bridge and God replays his sad cunt life back to him, where he realized he never loved his mom enough to care for her life. 



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lol ok.

We don't ban people unless we can prove they're hacking. People who complain that we're not randomly banning people tend to be the type of person who has never been banned off of a dodgy killcam. It kind of sucks.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Not positive, but possibly "blow" means "are good" where ALL come from.  From the wind to mutual celebrations I don't see the mention as anything, but a compliment to the administration of the server(s) and the forums.

If anyone should be insulted it is DDR.  Gumm did a top notch job of that with a slam dunk in emotional manipulation in almost every phrase. XD

Jarod, I think you should log in under a different name and get behind this...."cuntbag" and record some of this cheating eidt*.

Posting this sort of thing in Completely Off-Topic seems way too topical and it will only make you friends.

"When I got in to ask and talk to you you were just keeping kicking me..." - HikariNozomi (Dec. 20, 2021)

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I for one love how fair and just our admins are on banning. Something I'm super proud of to be a part of.

There's this one player (i will not name) that lots of players dislike, including many admins/mods because of his dirty tactics: spawn camp/kill with rpd. Many, many players accuse him hacks. Many players, including our very own admin sus and reported/record demo of him.

I and 2 other admins watch 1 of the demo over and over and debated if he's hacking. The demo looks very fishy. After 30 mins of debating, we concluded there wasnt enough evidence that he was hacking. Even though we all dislike the player, and I personally wanted to find reason to remove him, we didnt ban him. I mean who the hell spend 30 mins to review demos to be fair and just. I mean, we all have fucking jobs to do, kids to feed and beat up you know.

Anyhow, why the hell did I even write this.

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I, for one, am happy to see that NJ admins do not use the ban hammer liberally nor without proof.  See the Reports forum where we, the common players (myself included) have recorded demos and gotten scores of cheating players banned over time.  To get that toxic over another player (and especially over a video game!) is not going to change anything for you.  

I'll never forget how I was banned from a server playing another game (and while I was in another clan).  It was Raven Shield and just like this game, I normally ended up with average K:D, nothing special.  Then one day I joined another clan's server and somehow racked up 16 kills and zero deaths across two rounds (RVS was like the cod game mode S and D where once you died, you had to wait until the next round).  It was 8 vs 8 so after I completely killed the other team (with said other clan mostly on the other team) 2 times, they banned me without explanation.  I didn't bother appealing that.. I just happened to get extremely lucky, right timing and right place for each kill.  Also the previous clan I was in had their own RVS server and some of the admins would ban some players if they appeared to always get the best scores.  After a while, I noticed the server pop avoided joining that server - I imagine because of the bad rep for banning without proof.


Learn to record and post demos - NJ admins will review and if the proof is positive = ban.  Just my 2 cents...

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