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Hyperon Walls


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Been watching this one for a while.

He uses walls quite regularly and turns them on and off at leisure.    He will use hacks until comments are made when miraculously his skill level and ability to turn on the right direction for kills absolutely disappears.  When using then it is meticulous.   Today he was 14-2 and when I advised him, I would record and report, and all of a sudden skill level dropped with his KDR to 18-14.   His KDR on me was 6-0.  It was impossible to catch him off guard.    By the end of the game, his KDR was 10-6, with his only two kills against me after that while I was typing in game.  His final score finished around 26-22.   Unusually bad KDR for him!!!!!


ON the following map I recorded him at the start of the game.  No UAV available and check out his first two kills.   I re-commented than he fell back to his "no hack" mode and was quite hopeless.


Hyperon using walls.   If you have time the chat logs will show others had a go at him as well.


Thanks, Kotor




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This demo doesn't show anything.

Regarding the first 2 kills:

Kill 1: The first shot he took before the fight seemed more like an accident or maybe a kneejerk reaction to the footsteps sounds. He didn't even aim at the guy until he jumped around the corner. Plus at the start of the match on Backlot you're almost guaranteed to have a Marine coming from that door just to the right there.
Kill 2: skyhigh had just killed him. Looks to me like he threw a stun and nade in the direction skyhigh was running right after he killed hyper.



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Furthermore the change in score you describing really means nothing. It's quite easy to have a good kill streak or two at the beginning of a match and then die several times in a row without getting any kills. Happens all the time, especially as spawns change and more people join a match.


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"... It's quite easy to have a good kill streak or two at the beginning of a match and then die several times in a row without getting any kills."  

I am always experiencing this myself, from my own playstyle.  Before the map's finished loading in, I already have a good idea where I will immediately sprint towards with the explicit purpose of getting to a close-up vantage point before the enemy gets there.  I even have a couple kits with the Extreme Conditioning perk (2x sprint time) to really up my chances of making the idea happen successfully.  Because of that, I tend to get a lot of early streaks - pop open air strike and Heli for even more kills early on then once the other team's players get a little more situated, the early streak (honeymoon) ends LOL


I've also watched Hyperion multiple times and the rest of it is exactly how Lunar described above.  He's had a good attitude too... ignoring mostly all negative comments and one time I noticed the 'auto-balance' kept working out in such a way that for each new map load-in, I noticed the same consistently high scoring players were ending up on the same team for multiple maps.  I made a patented sarcastic comment to the effect of how there should be a 'manual autobalance' then moments later I noticed Hyperion voluntarily joined the other team.  Didn't say anything about it in chat, he's like Nike (Just Do It!).  I noticed this and also kept quiet, but silently appreciated what he did.  


I know the admins are super busy making $$$$ (Billions) of currency from their daytime development jobs but...  I think I can speak for all of them when I say that the watching/recording demos activity that you, Pettybone, and others have been doing has really made the server a better place to play on.  I personally thank you all for doing that.  

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